13 tips on how to make your man want to marry you fast

9. Talk To His Friends

In regard to learning how to make your man want to marry you, talking to a friend of your guy is a good way. Casually ask his friends how they feel about the relationship of two of you, about marriage. They may have some insights that you will not.

10. Ask How He Feels About Children

In some situations, you can naturally ask him how he feels about kids, and if he answers that he wants kids, love kids or even wants kids with you, then at least he is on the same path as you. Just a few gently nudges, he will pop the inquiry.

11. Show Your Independence And Confidence

Let him see that you are living a happy, fully life, and he will be a part of it. Let your man see your caring, generous side.
Also, men love confident women. So, try to be confident!

12. Appreciate Him

People love to be appreciated, particularly men. Thus, if you want to know how to make your man want to marry you fast, you should know how to appreciate his strengths even if he is already prideful. Support him as he is at his best and do not berate or nag him as he is at his worst. Show some romantic gestures for him. He is looking for a woman who can recognize and acknowledge his kind, his distinct, and his loving gestures. When he buys for you a great bunch of flowers, say thank you. When he holds the door for you, smile. He will notice that you are right for you and will want you constantly around.

13. Show Loyalty

If you want to get a man to commit to you, then you should do it first. One of best tips to make your man want to marry you is to show your commitment to him – your loyalty. Make your relationship a top position in your life, yet it is not necessary for you to delay or ignore everything else in your life, but show him that you are committed to this romantic relationship. Loyalty is one of the most important materials of a happy marriage. So, create that everlasting bond if you want him to marry you soon.

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