How to meet a guy at the gym: 10 surefire tips to pick up men

You want to get fit while still being able to find love? Yes, you totally can do it. The idea is to meet guys at the gym.

In contrast to our popular belief, the gym is not only a place where we go to in order to lose extra pounds or to train for our favorite sport. It is beyond that purpose. It is also the place where a lot of interesting people gathering together, including many athletic, attractive men with bronzed muscular or trim bodies that are warranted to make all girls drooling.

Have you ever tried speed dating, blind dates, online dating or any other common dating methods helping you find a significant partner? If yes, then did these methods work for you? If no, then maybe your next lover is actually in front of you, chugging along on the elliptical trainer.

Now, if you really want to know how to meet a guy at the gym successfully, check out the following tips to attract hot guy at the gym and turn your workout into a make-out (including dos and don’ts), collected by WikiYeah!

How to meet a guy at the gym

1. Avoid Wearing Too Revealing Clothing

Most exercise clothing is coincidentally designed to show off the practitioners’ body. Fact is, most of the clothing is usually tight and specifically designed to keep you cool. However, you should not show any more skin than normally just because you want to attract guys at the gym.
If you wear overly revealing, actually there will be some greaseball constantly ogling you while those athletic guys will think you look rather ridiculous and automatically assume that you do not go to the gym for serious purpose, which is a turn off for guys.

2. Wear Attractive Clothing

We all know that men fall in love through their eyes, right? Then, when it comes to knowing how to meet a guy at the gym, you first need to wear attractive clothing. While you should not reveal too much of your skin, try to look attractive in the eyes of men. Invest a few new exercise clothing in flattering colors at least every several months, and care for the outfits that you have.
Upon purchasing new exercise outfits, you had better make sure that you choose the right size in order to avoid looking like you are drowning in the gear.

3. Wear Red

You know that ladies in red tend to be more attractive than others. Red is not only the color of steamy passion and love, but also a color that most guys find irresistible. Hence, it is no surprise that a guy, who already finds a girl attractive, will be more drawn to her when she wears red.
Also, red is an extremely flattering color and the majority of people could pull it off. However, do not wear red from head to toe or you might end up with looking like a real tomato.

4. Do Not Wear Headphone

For those women who really not want to know how to meet a guy at the gym, then it is necessary for them to seem like they are open to chatting. Begin by ditching the ear buds and the iPod as they send to other people that you want to be left alone. Also, become friendly with other people at the gym, such as the staff. Say “hi” to people when arriving, and you will be more approachable to guys and attract a guy’s attention.

5. Do Not Change Your Own Schedule Just To His

If you have your eyes on a certain guy at the gym and want to attract him, then do not be tempted to change your own routine so that you could see him more often despite that you are not at your convenience. It is not worth it to inconvenience you in such way.
Of course, it is possible to change your schedule temporarily or just a few times, yet if you begin presenting in the morning rather than in the afternoon all the time, chances are he might not notice you. This makes him wonder if you are a stalker or not, particularly if you give up your interest just because him. And, once you have been labeled as the stalker, your attempt of changing your schedule to match his will become nothing.

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6. Do Not Simply Act Like The Treadmill Just A Pure Torture

Sometimes, the fact of exercising could put a scowl on your own face, yet in regard to learning how to meet a guy at the gym, it is crucial to seem as if you are happy and enjoying yourself. In case you do not feel enjoying, you should switch up your current workout or do something to get yourself more motivated. Do not be afraid to smile and make eye contact upon spotting a possible gym crush.

7. Do Your Workout As Normal

When the man presents at the same time as you, do not modify your own workout to get closer to him or to make him notice you. For example, if you usually do weights first and cardio second, you had better stick to it.
Yet, do not leave early just in order to see him in the other side of the room and you might think that he may make a conversation with you on the way out. Keep your goals and abilities in mind. If he is really interested, he will finally talk to you when it is convenient for both of you.

8. Do Not Continually Staring Him

No matter how hot that guy is, if you continually stare at him at the gym, he may feel flattered, yet if he is also like most people – he also feel uncomfortable.

Once you are conscious of the fact that you have your eyes on a certain hot guy, then you had better force yourself to turn the eyes away. Find a certain distraction to minimize your temptation. For example, put your earphones one, read a newspaper, and or watch the gym television instead.

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9. Avoid Letting Him Know That You Have Your Eyes On Him

Similar to the tip on how to meet a guy at the gym above, it is not a good idea to let him know that you have taken notice of his own existence. In case you have never spoken to that guy before, you could make eye contact for several seconds when both of you present to exercise in the same part of the gym.
It is okay to smile a bit and then when passing him by on the way to other stations, politely smile again. After several smiles, make a small talk if you and he take a breather. If he is friendly, things might go further.

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10. Do Not Be Afraid

The last but not least important tactic on how to meet a guy at the gym – do not be afraid of approaching him. Are you just hanging out and waiting for that guy to make a conversation with you first? If yes, move yourself first instead.
You could open the conversation by asking him to show you how to do the stretching exercise that you have witnessed him doing or how to do something else, and then see what happens.

Now, you have learned 10 out of most important relationship tips on how to meet a guy at the gym. Have you ever successfully picked up a man at the gym? If yes, which tactics did you use?