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At the beginning of a relationship, you start as two people. You are both excited to learn about the interests and quirks of each other. Your individuality is what creates the attraction. Nevertheless, when the excitement builds up and you start to spend more time on doing similar activities and being with each other’s friends, your own life experience might become intertwined. This is the critical stage where you must make a conscious decision in order to integrate your life whilst still maintaining your own individuality. Thought the feeling of “becoming one” is really romantic and feels good at the beginning, it usually results in feelings of resentment, confusion, and isolation afterwards. The problem of losing yourself in a relationship could easily happen if you are not on guard against it. Your lover fell in love with you because you are YOU and vice versa. Yet, do not lose yourself no matter what. So, how to not lose yourself in a relationship? Take a look at 10 simple tips below – from!

How To Not Lose Yourself In A Relationship – 10 Easy Tips

How to not lose yourself in a relationship

1. Keep Your Own Routine

First and foremost, in order to know how to not lose yourself in a relationship, you need to keep your routine. Though your routine will have to change in some ways to welcome that important person into your life, you should make sure that you are not ditching the crucial and important things. If you often go to yoga or gym on Thursday, then do not stop that good habit. By setting new boundaries, you can garner more respect as well as appreciation from your lover. [Read: how to make your boyfriend happy]

2. Keep Up Your Friendships

When it comes to tips on how to not lose yourself in a relationship, one of the easy tips is to keep up your normal relationships. It is really great when you find someone who makes you feel happier than you ever dreamed that you can be yet you do not want to drop your good friends. They are important in your life, too. So, make sure that you still have time to go out for a girl’s night. [Read: why do men blow hot and cold]

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