How to not lose yourself in a relationship: 10 tips – WikiYeah

5. Have A Strong Sense Of Self

If you have a strong sense of self, it is less likely that you will “lose yourself” in your relationship. Believe in your own ability to make good decisions. If you do not feel that you could trust a man. Self doubt is your enemy. You need to know you. You need to love yourself enough to understand that you are not the same person that made past mistakes. You have learned many lessons in life. You are not the same venerable little boy/girl that you were back when you were 19. [Read: unspoken relationship rules]

6. Do Not Drop Everything For Him/Her

Obviously, you do want to spend most of your time with your lover. That is entirely normal. People who are in love want to be together, yet it is smart to not get in the habit of dropping everything for him/her. If you prepared plans for your days, do not cancel them. [Read: stages of a relationship]

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