How to not lose yourself in a relationship: 10 tips – WikiYeah

7. Do Not Be A Clingy Lover

It could be easy to fall into the trap of being a clingy lover. However, it is not smart to do it. You start to lose yourself and your partner (especially guys) often finds clinginess to be turn-off. Just stay classy and confident. That way, you will draw your lover back to you time and time again. [Read: reasons why relationships fail]

8. Do Something Together That You Both Love

It is absolutely okay if you want to watch a great football match with your lover or go out for the golf course with him/her. However, it is also okay to do the things you also want to do, too. Have your partner visit your favorite coffee shop. In case he/she is not interested in, it is still okay. Go with your friends or simply by yourself. Do not give up doing what you love. [Read: different types of love]

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