How to not lose yourself in a relationship: 10 tips – WikiYeah

9. Do Not Be Too Available

Remember that you have a life, too, and that you should not feel like you have to drop everything just to be with a new partner. If you make yourself too available, you set a precedent and an expectation that your partner could reach you whenever he/she wants. Do not be afraid of asking him/her if you could not call him/her back at a more convenient time. Jump into action to please your man/woman is a signal of insecurity and neediness. Actually, it is not the perfect choice you may think it is.

10. Appreciate Your Individuality

No matter how long and how deep your love is, you and your partner will always be two different individuals. That is okay. It is good that the two of you are different. The differences between you could complement each other.  Respect each other’s differences but most of all, be authentic. These differences could really make your relationship richer.

If you have ever felt that you were losing yourself in your current relationship, then reading up this entire article will help you so much. Follow the tips here and you will improve your relationship quickly!

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