How to overcome loneliness: 10 easy tips

Have you ever been lonely in a crowd? Have you ever been perfectly content all alone? Most of us have at least one times at some points of our lives experiencing that feeling. In fact, loneliness is a complex mental as well as emotional phenomenon and can take root deeply within you. It is actually a symptom of your severed connection from humanity. Loneliness is different than just being alone. It needs to be emphasized here that loneliness is not the same as being along. A person will always have time when they opt for to be alone. Instead, loneliness is the feeling of being alone and feeling sade about that situation. However, whilst it could instill a sense of worthlessness and hopelessness, it could also be soothed.

This article made by Vanessa Tan from will supply you with useful tips helping you know how to overcome loneliness easily.

Top 10 Super-Easy Tips On How To Overcome Loneliness Easily

How To Overcome Loneliness

1. Realize That Loneliness Is Actually A Feeling, Not A Fact

The first tip on how to overcome loneliness is recognizing its nature, according to Brock Hansen,  a relationship expert from YourTango. When you are feeling lonely, it is because something has currently triggered a memory of that feeling, not because you are really in fact, alone and isolated. The human brain is especially designed to pay attention to danger and pain, and that contains those painful scary feelings; thus loneliness often gets our attention.

However, then our brain will try to make sense of the feeling. We often ask ourselves some questions like: why am I feeling this way? It is because no one likes me? Is it because I am a loser? Theories about why you feel lonely could become so confused with facts.  After that, it turns to be a bigger issue. Hence, you should realize that loneliness is a feeling, and accept it without having over reaction.

2. Realize That You Are Not Alone

In reality, we all get lonely. It does not mean that there is something wrong with you. People are especially prone to loneliness during their major life transitions. If you are changing in such ways like exploring new alternatives and paths for yourself, you will be bound to get a little bit of loneliness as you look for people who share your new thoughts and interests. [Read: how to live a simple live and be happy]

3. Reach Out

You may react by withdrawing into yourself, your own thoughts and your own lonely feelings. This is totally not useful. At its best, anticipation of loneliness may motivate people to reach out and cultivate their friendships, which are the healthiest things to do if you are alone and sad. When you were a kid, and your sadness caused you to cry, and you might evoke an encouraging and comforting response from other people. Now, you are an adult, do so to overcome your loneliness more easily.

4. Get Involved In Some Activities

When it comes to how to overcome loneliness, joining in activities is a great way to get over your negative feeling. Volunteer in your community or join a class, anything you could do to not let yourself think about you. In case you are very shy, you should find a certain group for social anxiety, even if it is an online group. [Read: how to stay positive in tough times]

5. Do Not Allow Yourself To Wallow

Rather than persistently dwelling on how alone you feel, you should do something to your own mind off it. You can ride a bike, read a book, or even take a walk. Try new hobbies and activities, if possible. The advice is to keep yourself busy because having down time will be cause feelings of loneliness and many other negative feelings to creep in. You can throw yourself into extracurricular activities or work.

6. Get A Pet

Did you know that having a pet will help you overcome loneliness? If you are struggling without companionship, then you should consider adopting a pet such as cat or dog from the local animal shelter. That way, you will get rewarding experience. Pets have been domestic companions for centuries for a reason, and winning the trust and the affection of an animal will help you feel more helpful.

However, if you adopt a pet, then you should be a responsible pet owner. Just commit to bringing a certain pet into your currently if you are well prepared to deal with the common tasks of caring for it.

7. Find Others Who Are Also Like You

This tip is highly recommended by experts from eHarmony. Nowadays, there are a lot of tools than ever before to find out where the hikers, knitters and kite-boarders are congregating so that you could get together with those people who also share your interests. This will make you integrate into social activities, thereby helping you build a new friendship and overcome loneliness. [Read: how to overcome depression easily]

8. Call Or Get Together With Those You Know

How to overcome loneliness? Just simply get together with the ones you know even if they are actually not who you want to be with at that time. Human contacts will make building more contact easier. This contains your friends, your family members and the guy at the deli counter.

Then, when meeting them, what you should do is to do more listening than talking as listening and drawing people out will deepen your own contacts more than just continually talking about yourself. You should not exhaust your own existing connections as these are all what you are having at the moment.

9. Be At Present

You should draw people towards you by supplying enjoyable company. Yet, you need to know how to attract people to you. Be complimentary instead of critical. Keep in mind that, for a casual comment, you had better not nitpick the clothes or habits of hair of other people. They really do not need to be reminded they have a stain on the shirt when they could not do anything about it. They want and need to hear that other people think their sweater is cool or anything else that they feel comfortable with at the present.

10. Kindness Goes A Long Way

Most of us have the power of offering loving kindness and generosity of spirit to all you come into contact with. It is not instinctual to be kind to those strangers or those who scare you. Yet, it is your choice. In the long run, it is a winning choice if you choose properly. The alternative, being stingy or mean with those who you do not know well could get you a reputation as a Scrooge.

The above are top 10 tips on how to overcome loneliness that you can make use of instantly if you are falling into that problem. Bear in mind that you always have a choice to be alone or to be happy. That depends on your attitude.

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