How to overcome trust issues in a relationship – 5 crucial tips

In a relationship, when you find yourself unsatisfied, it is not always your own mistake. A relationship involves both you and your partner. So, if one of you is not happy, you two need to work together in order to fix your relationship.

And, trust plays a basic part in a relationship, particularly in a happy one. Also, trust issues are considered as one of the leading causes of broken relationships. If you could not trust your partner, you two could not stay together for a long period of time. A relationship will be bound to break up if one of the partners has trust issues. Simply put, you may love your partner so much, yet if you do not trust them, you could never truly feel secure in your relationship. You would always be wary about what they do, and you also always doubt their love for you. There are many reasons why you have trust issues, but some of the most commonly reported reasons are:

• You think him / her lies to you often
• You think him / her lacks integrity. He / she has cheated on someone else in his / her past relationship and now you assume that he / she also might be cheating on you behind your back too.
• You have no much idea about the life of your partner and what they often do when you two are not close together
• You have no idea about the friends of your partner or their inside jokes that make you feel insecure when they are around you.
• Your partner is a little bit secretive like having keys to log in their phone
• You have had not-good experiences in love where you were cheated on or betrayed
• You feel threatened by the friendship of your partner with someone else that you do not know much
• Your partner does not share details about his / her life with you like you share with him / her.
• Your partner feels angry when you intrude his personal space of privacy without their allowance.
• Your partner flirts with others.

There, the above are common reasons why you have trust issues. How many of these points do you realize in yourself? No matter how many points you have, now all you want to know is how to overcome trust issues in a relationship, right? Check out the following list, made by, to find the answer for your question! Some information in this relationship is referred from Psychologytoday and Allwomenstalk.

How to overcome trust issues

1. Be Open Up To Your Partner

The best advice when it comes to tips on how to overcome trust issues in a relationship is to be open up to your loved one. You should not feel ashamed to let your partner see your weak side. Relationships are established basically on trust, and it is crucial for your loved one to know precisely how you feel. If something is bothering you, do not try to hide it even when it seems embarrassing or trivial. If your partner asks about something, do not give abrupt responses or one-liners. Rather than, you should communicate and have a real conversation. This will save you from a lot of stress as well as disappointments.

2. Deal With Your Past Pain

One of the most common reasons why you have trust issues is that you had pain in your past, be it stemmed from failed friendship, broken relationship, business losses, or infidelity of your loved ones. Thus, the most important step when it comes to learning how to overcome trust issues is to handle that pain. Such unfortunately events of your life are the source of continuous heartaches if they are not handled well in time.

Heart-breaks and hardships are mostly inevitable in life and they should remain a part of everyone’s life. You should not make these hurtful incidents the focal point in your life. Just learn from your mistakes as well as past experiences. Avoid dwelling on painful incidents of your past.

Every wound needs time be healed. So, take time to heal from your past breakup. Do not carry baggage from your past into your future.

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3. Trust Yourself

Believe in yourself, your value, your worth – image and everything about your own. You could not trust anyone in life if you do not have trust in yourself. Regarding to learning how to overcome trust issues, it is a basic rule.

Once you can learn to build trust (in yourself), you will surely have a positive self-image and trust your own abilities, your potentials and your strength points. By trusting yourself, you can overcome different insecurities and finally you will overcome your trust issues.

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4. Give Your Partner Space

If you are a girl, give your boyfriend space. Give people the personal space they need, whether they are your significant other, your business partner or anyone important in your life. Everybody needs personal space and privacy. No one wants to be continuously spied around.
If you are in the habit of stalking your partner on phone, social media, sneaking via their own stuff, then you are putting yourself and your relationship into a more vulnerable state. Stop it. Back off and this will help you two share a mutual level of trust.

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5. Seek For Medical Therapy

In regard to ways on how to overcome trust issues, seeking medical therapy might be the last one you think of. But, it is necessary if after following all the tips and tricks above you could not handle your trust issues.

If your signs and symptoms of trust issues are associated with adjustment problems, depression, false beliefs, and many other severe conditions, then an appropriate medical therapy is necessary, even required. With appropriate therapy, the underlying cause of trust issues could be defined and handled.

The most effective method of medical therapy is group therapy, which is also usually recommended to supply people with an opportunity to interact with other people that finally helps in building trust.

Trust issues damage the beauty of all relationships. If you feel that your current life is strongly impacted by trust issues, then you need to work on them. Don’t skip these tips to start trusting again.