7 golden rules on how to pick up women at a bar or anywhere else

How to pick up women?

Let me ask you: Have you ever wondered why some men are so much better than others when it comes to picking up women? Well, it is not because they are smarter, better looking, or have larger pockets, but they might have two special characteristics that work in their favor: persistence and confidence.

Whilst some men may have these characteristics in nature, it does not mean you cannot have these characteristics just because they are not your natures. However, you do need to follow some important rules and guidelines, regarding to learning how to pick up women at a bar or anywhere else you want.

Below, you will discover 7 most crucial pickup rules that women want men to acknowledge and understand. Once you know these rules, you will have a huge edge on the competition. These will not only enhance your success with attracting women, but also let you sweep them off their feet with your gentlemanly, self-reassured attitude.

How To Pick Up Women – 7 Most Important Rules For Men

How to pick up women
How to pick up women

1. Before Approaching, Make Eye Contact

Really, I appreciate the role of eye contacting in regard to flirting with both men and women. Eye contact, in fact, has much power and if you can master it, you could get success with women in no time. Try making preliminary eye contact from a certain distance, and then see how the woman you like responds. If she also holds your gaze, even much better, then you are at the right track – come to talk to her. If she avoids your gaze, you chances are rather slim. Do not forget to do something to research more. Survey the surrounding area and you will realize which women have the intention to meet someone.

Obviously, a woman who is looking around at guys in the bar might be more receptive than the one who just pay attention to the friends she came with. Keep in mind this rule: a woman divulges much in the body language, so if you really want to increase your chance, you should pay more attention. When it comes to learning rules on how to pick up women, making as well as receiving the eye contact is considered the most important ones that women want the opposite gender to know. [Read: best tips on how to seduce a woman]

2. Avoid Expressing Interest In Both Her And Her Friends

Among rules on how to pick up women, this might be the most critical one. It will be a deal-breaker if you are trying both intentionally and unintentionally hitting on more than one woman in the same social circle.

That will not only make you a player, but also flush out all your chance of picking up a woman. Remember that to successfully pick up a woman, you need to make her feel special, at least in your eyes. Expressing your interest in her friends will not make her feel special, certainly. Therefore, even when you feel be attracted by more than one woman in one social circle, you should still pick up just one woman and try sticking with her otherwise you will go home alone. [Read: how to make a girl smile and like you]

3. Make Her Feel Like A Hottest Woman In The Planet

Normally, a woman will opt for a man for a single reason: how he makes her feel in the first moment. Thus, if you can make your desired woman feel like she is the hottest or most beautiful girl living in the room, the chances are she might want to plan a date with you. Also, this will work in your own favor in the long term. If she is comfortable and confident with you, you will be able to reap the benefits of the relationship. However, there is warning sign: you should skip that chance if that woman appears to have a big ego already because you do not need to over-inflate it. [Read: body language signs of attraction for women]

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