Top 7 surefire ways on how to play hard to get with a guy

3. Reject Him

When a guy first asks you out, you should say no with a reasonable explanation. Say that you are busy. He should ask you out for more than once before you say yes. Men love the chase – it is true.

If you make a guy want and also work hard to clock down an appointment with you, he will then worship you.

That way, he also cherishes the time being around you more as he has to work hard to get it. If a guy really likes you, he will try to move mountains to win over you. The harder he has to do for you, the more valuable you will be in his eyes. [Read: how to get a man to commit to a relationship]

4. Make That Guy Work Around Your Schedule

Do not put other people’s life before your own, when it comes to early stages of dating. If he asks you to go to an event with him that is opposite to something important in your life, you should tell him no.

A guy should work around your schedule as your time is just as crucial as his. Never put his life before yours. [Read: how to get noticed in a crowd]

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