Top 7 surefire ways on how to play hard to get with a guy

7. Reward Him

Even when you are an independent woman who does to depend on any man and does not need a guy to survive, oftentimes, life becomes much better some love, help and support of a lover.

It does not matter how big or small that support is, it is always great to have the sincere assistance of a true companion. Yet, do not take things, even those little ones, for granted. Everything in life should be appreciated. Show your appreciation to you man, it means the world to him to hear the praise for his kind.

A little encouragement will go a long way, but be erratic with your own encouragement so he will stay on his toes. [Read: how to be less shy around guys]

Apart from the above rules on how to play hard to get with a guy, you should also follow some tips:

  • Continuing to play hard after winning someone’s heart could make them hate you.
  • Do not forget to smile; do not have a sad look on your face
  • If you feel embarrassed about the awkward silence invading your conversation, do not worry about what to say. Wait until he speaks up. But, do this only a few times to let the other person think that you are thinking the other things, not giving all your attention to him or her.
  • Be yourself
  • If you realize that he is looking at you, avoid looking back. Pretend you do not realize it and continue doing your own work.

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