10 best tips on how to prevent getting sick during this winter

Have you ever wondered how doctors keep from getting sick? In fact, there are many precautions doctors take in order to avoid getting sick, particularly during cold and flu season. With the right foods and lifestyle habits, you will be able to help your own immune system fighting off ailment and if you get sick, you can rebound much faster.

Follow the tips on how to prevent getting sick below so you will create a natural shield to sickness more effectively! Take a look from Wikiyeh.com!

How To Prevent Getting Sick – 10 Useful Nutrition And Lifestyle Tips

How to prevent getting sick

1. Garlic

This is the top anti-sickness food which is a natural antibiotic. Garlic could alleviate the severity of colds as well as other infections. [Read: how to deal with vomiting]

2. Chicken soup

There were many times you mom brought you chicken soup when you were sick, right? She is right. Chicken soup supplies fluids and electrolytes and might include anti-inflammatory properties which reduce cold symptoms. However, you have to use the real chicken soup, not the type from a package or can.

A great tip to make use of chicken soup for preventing sickness is that, the next time you roast the chicken, save that carcass. Put it in the pot before adding water, followed by a few vegetables such as carrots, onions and celery, a generous dash of pepper and salt. Allow it to simmer away. Strain the soup, then you have your chicken broth. Keep it in the fridge and reheat whenever you suffer from sniffles. [Read: how to prevent food poisoning]

3. Green Tea

There are a lot of benefits of green tea that people have known and one of them is preventing sickness. It can boost the production of B cell anti-bodies; thereby helping people rid themselves of invading pathogens.

4. Honey

When it comes to nutrition tips on how to prevent getting sick, it is worth mentioning to honey, particularly raw honey. It includes antibacterial and antimicrobial properties. Besides, it is also an efficient cough suppressant.

You can add several teaspoons of honey to one cup of green tea to create a good combination for sickness prevention. [Read: uses of honey]

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