Top 8 best ways on how to prevent lung cancer naturally

First and foremost, it is worth noting that there is no sure way to prevent lung cancer. Doctors could not always explain why one person gets cancer and another does not. However, there are some general patterns of cancer related to the risk of developing cancer.

Of course, most lung cancers are resulted by smoking. If you use cigarette, you could help prevent lung cancer by giving up. Also, you should avoid the risk factors and increase protective factors to help prevent lung cancer more effectively. If you are serious about learning how to prevent lung cancer naturally, then you should read the following recommendations. Take a look from!

How To Prevent Lung Cancer Naturally – 8 Out Of Best Ways

How to prevent lung cancer
How to prevent lung cancer

1. No Smoke

This may be the most important tip on how to prevent lung cancer. If you have never smoked, then do not begin. You should also talk to your children about not smoking so that they could completely understand how to reduce this main risk of lung cancer. Start the conversations about the dangers of cigarette as well as smoking with your kids early so that they could acknowledge how to react to the peer pressure. [Read: signs and symptoms of lung cancer]

2. Stop Smoking

If you are smoking now, you should stop it right instantly. Perhaps, it is rather hard, when it comes to how to prevent lung cancer by quitting smoking. Nevertheless, the fact is, giving up smoking can significantly reduce your odds of lung cancer, even when you have smoked for many years. Take the advice from doctors or use some stop-smoking aids to help you give it up. The choices are nicotine replacement products, support groups and medications. [Read: creative and strange ways to quit smoking]

3. Avoid Secondhand Smoke

Are you living with someone who smokes? If yes, you should urge him/her to give up. At least, ask him to smoke outside, not inside your house. Avoid the areas in which smoke exists, like restaurants and bars, and seek out those smoke-free options.

4. Check The Radon Level In Your House

In order to know how to prevent lung cancer, you should carry out a test for radon around your home, particularly if you are living in a region where radon exists. The high level of radon could be remedied for making your house safer. To test radon level, you could contact the local department of health. [Read: best foods for lung health]

5. Avoid Carcinogens At Works

Be careful about toxic chemicals at your workplace. Follow the precautions of your employer. For example, if you are recommended to use a face mask for protection, do not forget using it. Ask your doctor what you could do further more to protect your health more effectively at work. Actually, the risk of lung damage from workplace carcinogens will enhance when you smoke.

6. Follow A Diet Rich In Fruits And Veggies

It is better for you to opt for a diet plan which contains plenty of fruits and veggies. The rich sources of vitamins as well as nutrients are the best.

Also, you should eat foods high in antioxidants like berries, artichokes, beans; foods high in phytoestrogens like whole grains, soy milk, tofu, edamame, sprouts, seeds and nuts.

On the other hand, studies show that taking supplements of vitamin E or beta carotene does not impact the odds of lung cancer in those non-smokers. Yet, for those smokers, particularly those who smoke 1 or more packs per day, taking these supplements might increase their lung cancer risk. Thus, you should avoid taking large amount of vitamins from the pill form because they might be harmful. [Read: most nutritious fruits on the planet]

7. Do Not Have Unnecessary X-Rays

X-rays might promote your risk of lung cancer, so if not necessary, you should not take such test.

8. Exercises Regularly

It is recommended to exercise most days of the week. Yet, if you do not currently do exercises, then you should start slowly to get familiar with it.
However, because smokers tend to have different levels of physical activity than non-smokers, it is difficult to know if physical activity impacts the odds of lung cancer.

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