10 tips on how to prevent prostate cancer and its symptoms

7. Avoid Supplemental Folic Acid

You had better avoid taking supplemental folic acid which is the synthetic form of folate (among B vitamins), and is contained in the majority of multivitamins. Folic acids supplement is linked with the higher risk of prostate cancer as well as breast cancer, whereas food folate is linked to reduced risk. Therefore, you should get the folate in the natural form from greens and beans rather than in synthetic folic acid in supplement form.

8. Avoid Those Fried Foods

Potential dietary carcinogens will be created in foods if the foods are cooked in high heat, like frying or grilling, thereby increasing the risk of prostate cancer. According to a prestigious study, frequent (once per week or more) consumption of some types of dried foods is associated with higher risk of prostate cancer. Fried chicken, French fries, fried fish and doughnuts are linked to higher risk of prostate cancer. [Read: mistakes men make in bed]

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