How to put an end to your on-again / off-again relationship

It is often difficult to realize when it is time to end a relationship with someone. However, in regard to the relationship that is on-again / off-again, the condition seems even worse. Even, you are not sure that if it is just the off-again period or the eventual goodbye. You may want to wait with the hope that things will get better once again, yet there is a good chance that you are expecting in vain. There will be a time when you have to take the step to get out of your on-off relationship though the little voice inside you says that it will be better. In order to help you ease the matters, we from gather tips on how to put an end to your on-again / off-again relationship. Some information in this article is referred from Huffingtonpost and Psychologytoday.

3 Steps To Put An End To Your On-Again / Off-Again Relationship – Once And For All

How to put an end to your on-again / off-again relationship

1.Accept The Fact That It Will Not Work Out Anymore

Yes, the first and foremost step on how to put an end to your on-again / off-again relationship is to accept the fact that your relationship is not going to work out once again. If you are hanging on to your partner, just because you two have known each other for a long time that it feels like you owe it to one another, you just make a big mistake. Has your partner changed his ways in the time you have known him? Of course not, otherwise you would not be in this hard position. So, do not easily lose your dignity just in order to keep someone who is not worth keeping. If you own someone something, then it is exactly you, yourself. You owe it to your own to go away from the relationship / partner that does not do you any good.  You should come first and do the best for you.

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2. Stop Things Humanely

When it comes to ways on how to put an end to your on-again / off-again relationship, then making use of text messages or phone calls is not a good idea. Even, it is definitely a no-no. It just literally adds insult to your pain. Despite you are breaking up with your partner as they are not serious about your relationship or you, it still does not mean that you should end things on such ways. You might be get mad at your partner, or even hate them for his behaviors or actions, yet that is no excuse for an immature, indecent breakup. So, what you should do is to set all regret or resentment aside, and handle this as respectfully and calmly as you could. It does not matter how difficult it is, the right thing to do for you this case is to break up in person. It will reflect how considerate and mature you are, not on how your partner deserves. Your partner is getting what they deserve anyway, not being with you. You can still go on a date but do not give them the chance to think that it is going to be a normal date. Tell your partner that you “need to talk”. It is much better than only dropping it all on them unexpectedly.

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3. Don’t Care About The Necessary Time To Get Over Them

The last but not least important tip on how to put an end to your on-again / off-again relationship is not being minded of taking as much time as necessary to get over your breakup and your ex. Even when you have done the right time, you will still just want to cry your eyes out. It is very hurtful. Of course, it will not get better just overnight, it will surely get better sooner or later. In due time, rather than thinking about whether or not your decision is true, you would start concentrating on how it has improved the things around you. Music, comfort food, movies, family, friends, or even some help from professionals, whatever you think that can help. Also, there is no specific timeframe for healing, take all the necessary time to heal yourself. Yet, do not jump into another relationship too soon. It is absolutely not a good idea to begin a new relationship when you are not really gotten over the previous one.