How to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke: 8 simple habits

3. Exercise At Least 2.5 Hours Each Week

Among habits on how to reduce the risk of heart disease, this sounds to be one of the most beneficial ones you could do. You should incorporate exercise into your daily routine to diminish the risk of heart disease by 46%, according to some recent studies. Make sure that you are getting enough benefits of by getting in several sets which make you actually puff and huff.

4. Watch Less Than 7 Hours Of TV Per Week

Sitting for many hours or long periods might increase your mortality rate, eating in front of the TV might increase the chance of overeating, and using electronics prior to bed will disrupt your sleep. Thus, by cutting the time sitting in front of the TV, you could promote the amount of time that you are socializing, exercising and relaxing – the things you could do slash the risk of heart disease. [Read: facts about depression]

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