How to refresh your skin & hair after swimming in the pool – 7 tips

During summer, taking a swim is one of the most satisfying activities people want to do. Soaking in the cool water will give your whole body an opportunity to relax and take a break from the heat of hot days. However, swimming in a pool could also cause a number of problems on your hair and skin. So, what to do after dipping in the pool to protect your skin and hair? It is important to take required steps to refresh both your hair and skin without having to worry that your beauty will suffer when getting out. Follow the tips and tricks on how to refresh your skin and hair after dipping in the pool here, introduced by, to maintain good condition of your beauty.

How to refresh your skin and hair after swimming in the pool

1. Rinse It Off Instantly No Matter What

The most important tip on how to refresh your skin and hair after dipping in the pool is to rinse your whole body off instantly, even when you are not ready for the shower.
Remember that the chlorine and other chemicals within the pool water are not good for your hair and skin as well. The best thing you could do is to rinse off with clean, fresh water. This can remove most chemicals so that you skin and hair will not be negatively affected. Yet, if you are not entirely ready, you just need to rinse it off, not having to shower thoroughly.

2. Before Getting In The Pool, Apply Your Hair Protecting Products

When it comes to How to refresh your skin and hair after swimming, it is always better for you to prevent than treat a problem when you know it will occur. A hair mask can keep chemicals and chlorine from penetrating your own locks. Spend a few seconds to massage the hair protecting product over your hair. There are various options for you to choose from, but you need to opt for the one that really works for you.

3. Use Shampoos That Prevent Chlorine Damage

Nowadays, there are a variety of shampoos which are designed to prevent chlorine damage to the strands. Make use of them to prevent icky side effects of chlorine from damaging your hair.

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4. Use A Good Moisturizer For Your Body

After rinsing off your body, apply a moisturizer to your whole body. Opt for a good quality one that is suitable for your skin type and designed for dry skin. This will help restore the moisture to your skin and also prevent the tightness and dryness that a large number of women report after dipping in a swimming pool.

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5. Take Off Your Swimsuit Instantly

After swimming in the pool, do not keep wearing your swimsuit for long hours. It may be tempting to wear your wet swimsuit for a few hours while hanging out with friends or sipping cocktails. Fact is, this is not good for your skin at all. The wet suit is so snug and full of chemicals, it just causes irritation and chafing anywhere it gets closed. Thus, always change your swimsuit for dry ones to protect your skin.

6. Before Getting In The Pool, Get Wet

Technically, you should do this before getting in the swimming pool, yet the benefits you can reap will be there after you get out. It is because getting wet before swimming will live the amount of pool water that your hair and skin could absorb as both are already hydrated and saturated.

7. Use A Vitamin C Rinse

If you are particularly prone to pool water and chlorine sensitivities, then you had better do a rinse of vitamin C after swimming. It is said that professional swimmers usually do a vitamin C rinse after their swimming as it helps neutralize the chlorine damage to their skin and hair and also eliminate the smell as well. You can find these products in many sporting good stores, use instantly after swimming.
These 7 basic tips are things you should do after swimming in the pool if you really want to know how to refresh your skin and hair after a dip in the pool water. Follow them and you can well protect your whole body from damage while still enjoying the cool water during hot summer days.