How to relieve headaches and become pain-free: 10 natural tips

Most people get headaches from time to time, whether they are mild annoyances or skull-crushing distractions. There are many types of headaches that people might suffer from, such as tension headaches, cluster headaches, and migraine headaches.  Also, there are various ways to cure your headaches, yet most of us tend to go for over-the-counter pain killers. When you take pills, all you are doing is smothering your own symptoms and ignoring the real problem behind your headache. Thus, instead of o popping a pill, why don’t you try some natural ways to relieve your headaches. These useful tips from  will help you know how to relieve headaches naturally and become pain free with ease.

How To Relieve Headaches – 10 Home Remedies

How to relieve headaches

1. Essential Oils

The first tip on how to relieve headaches is to make use of essential oils. They are one of the best manners to soothe your pain. Thanks to their aromas, essential oils could relieve different types of headaches as mentioned earlier. For example, you can opt for lavender oil to cure your headaches and migraine pain. Because it smells great, so it could be either applied topically or inhaled. Just use 2-4 drops for every 2 or 3 cups of boiling water to create a natural headache treatment. Unlike many other medicinal oils, lavender oil could be safely applied externally without the need to dilute it. Yet, I should not be taken orally.

Another essential oil for relieving headaches that you could use is peppermint oil. This is soothing home treatment that can benefit tension headaches. Peppermint oil is fresh smelling and has vaso-constricting and vaso-dilating properties, which could control blood flow within the human body. In fact, headaches and migraine pain are often because of poor blood flow, and peppermint oil can help open as well as close the vessels that enhance flow. Peppermint home remedies can also open up the sinuses so that there will be more oxygen getting into the bloodstream.  [Read: how to have a healthy heart]

2. Yoga

In case your headaches are because of tension or stress, then yoga might help a lot. In other words, if your headache is resulted from neck pain, yoga is the best way to deal with it. There are some yoga poses which could be useful for different headaches causes. For instance, standing forward bends and cat pose will be good for treating neck pain.

3. Tea

Tea is a good way to decrease your stress levels and headaches as well. You can make use of green tea as there are many benefits of green tea you can make use of. One of them is headaches relief. Another tea is peppermint tea that can relieve sinus headaches by clearing the nasal passages. On the hand, chamomile tea or tea including Valerian root are great options if you are suffering from a tension headache.

For another option, you can use take advantage of ginger tea to reduce the inflammation and treat migraines as well.

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4. Hot And Cold Treatment

When it comes to how to relieve headaches, hot and cold treatment is a common yet effective treatment, depending on the real cause. If you suffer from a tension headache, then heat will be a better idea than cold as it can relax your own muscles rather than constricting them. A simple warm bath or shower is also a good manner to apply heat, thereby helping you manage stress. You can also put a heated neck pillow around the neck in case you have a headache resulted from neck pain. For a cold treatment, you put an ice pack on the head to relieve migraines. This method can reduce the inflammation causing neck pain. [Read: how to overcome depression naturally]

5. Get Outside

If you have a headache, just getting outside for a walk could be a good solution for your problem. That is, as long as your headache is not because of sinus pressure from allergies or you have a migraine. Once you realize that your own migraine or headaches majorly happen since you are at home, that might be something to think about. The air quality in your own home might be less than that of the outdoors, so breathing some fresh air in the outside could help.

6. Exercise

Though you do not want to do anything while suffering a headache, it is really good for you if you can exercise a little bit. Just simply walking, running, biking or anything that get you active is the way to exercise. By this way, you will relieve tension and stress. Moreover, it also helps you improve circulation as poor circulation might be a cause of a headache. Nevertheless, you should make sure that you drink enough water, so you can keep yourself hydrated. This is very important as dehydration can worse headaches.

7. Drink More Water

Well, water is also a natural solution for headaches and migraines. The majority of people do not drink enough of water and this is a big problem as like I said in the previous tip on how to relieve headaches. Dehydration has really been shown to result in migraines as well as other types of headaches. Fact is, even if you drink a lot of water, you still might be dehydrated from consuming soda and coffee, which just dehydrate you more. Furthermore, you might not know that poor circulation could result in headaches. Hence, consuming more water will assist you in enhancing circulation throughout your own body.

8. Diet Fixes

One of the most helpful tips on how to relieve headaches and migraine pain involves making positive changes to your current diet. there are some certain foods which could affect the severity and frequency of headaches as well as migraine pain, containing chocolate; onions; dairy; peanut butter; some certain fruits like banana, avocado, and citrus; meats with nitrates like bacon and hot dogs; those foods including monosodium glutamate; those foods including tyramine, and those foods which are pickled and fermented. You had better pay attention to those trigger foods to relieve your headaches. [Read: healthy eating habits]

9. DIY Scalp Massage

Scalp massage could be an efficient way to lessen migraine pain. Experts showed that massaging the greater occipital nerve, an area in the back of your head, at the base of the skull, will decrease migraine pain. Thus, you can start do-it-yourself scalp massage at home to get headache relief. Besides, for those who are looking for ways on how to fight fatigue, massaging does help, too.

10. Flaxseeds

Some types of headaches are resulted from inflammation, which could be decreased by consuming omega-3 fatty acids. This substance are found in flaxseeds, thereby consuming flaxseeds could help you relieve headaches. You can use flaxseeds in different forms, such as ground, oil, or whole seeds.

You do not have to suffer from your headache anymore with 10 tips on how to relieve headaches above. No matter your headaches are occasional or chronic, trying out these home remedies will help you take control of your problem naturally.

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