How to sleep better at night naturally – 7 excellent yoga poses

There are many people in recent days are suffering from insomnia and other sleep disorders, so knowing some special yoga poses for better sleep will be useful for them. This article from is glad to introduce to everyone top exercise tips on how to sleep better via 7 super excellent yoga poses that will not only help them sleep better, but also energize them well. In order to get the best possible results, you should try these exercises regularly. The poses just take no more than 10 minutes, so don’t worry about your shortage of time!

How To Sleep Better – Exercise For A Good Night’s Sleep

How to sleep better

1. Balasana (Wide Legged Child’s Pose)

This is considered as one of the most favorite yoga poses of many people, when it comes to exercises on how to sleep better. It is loved because it can calm the mind and body of the practitioners.

You can start by sitting on the knees with the big toes touching. Keep the knees out toward your sides. Then, push the butt towards the heels and stretch the whole body toward the ground till the forehead touches the ground with the arms outstretched and the hands touching. After that, let the whole body relax as you breathe deeply for total 10 breaths. [ Read: how to relieve headaches]

2. Viparita Karani (Leg Wall Pose)

This yoga pose is highly recommended to be done on the bed if the bed is against the wall. It is much more relaxing this way.

Begin with your back lie on the floor and the legs straight up against the wall. Then, depend on how flexible you are, you could keep the butt against the wall or just a little bit away from it. Also, keep the arms stretched out at your sides. Take deep breaths and after taking several minutes of deep breathing, you bend the knees and roll to your own side. Then, take some more breaths before you get up. [Read: how to fight fatigue]

3. Uttanasana (Standing Forward Bend)

With this exercise on how to sleep better, you will be able to relieve stress and tension as well.

Start with the standing position and the feet six inches apart. Then, slowly bend forward while reaching as far as you could towards the floor. If you could not reach the floor, then you can touch the hands to your opposite elbow. After that, bend the knees when you feel over strained. You need to breathe deeply for no less than 1 minute before you rise. [Read: best natural tired eye treatment]

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