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Here are top useful yet natural ways on how to speed up your metabolism that gathers from nutritionists. Check out now!

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism Naturally – 15 All Natural Ways

1. Eat Good Food

The first important tip on how to speed up your metabolism is to eat good food. This is considered as one of the most crucial habits which can change your metabolism. When it comes to good food, it is not about Haagen Dazs or burgers from the local food stores. It is about lean, clean protein, fruits and vegetables, gluten-free whole grains and healthy fat. Consume fruits daily and you can get perfect set-up for your healthy metabolism. The human body needs clean, good food to run at its optima peak. Though it seems boring, your own metabolism will not be able to function properly without a balanced, healthy diet.

2. Quality Sleep

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism - Quality Sleep

Adequate sleep is as important as those healthy eating habits. Make sure that you get at least 7 to 8 hours each day, if not 9 to 10 for those people who are extremely active. The best manner to tell what your necessary sleep levels are is to let your own naturally drift off and naturally wake up without an alarm clock. Besides, when you set a regular bedtime routine, you will find your necessary amount of sleep. Fact is, the human metabolism needs sleep as much as healthy food. If you do sleep properly, the energy levels will quickly crash, and you will crave carbs and sugar more as your own body is sending you the signal that it needs energy.

3. Eat Regularly

No matter what happens or whatever you do, you should still not skip meals. If you do not feel hungry for breakfast, you some eat something light, like nonfat Greek or a small smoothie. Also, you can make use of a piece of fruit, yet pair that with a few nuts or some yogurt for stabilizing the blood sugar levels. Consuming your breakfast will kick start your metabolism and consuming every 3 hours will keep your engine ready to go and revved. During your lunch, you should get plenty of lean protein, healthy carbs and healthy fats. With your afternoon snack, you choose healthy carbs plus with a little healthy fat. You can do similarly at the dinner while minimizing dessert. In other words, smoothies are good substitutions for your meals if you are on the go, yet you should keep the ingredients free of extra sugars and unhealthy fats.

4. Lower Stress Levels

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism -  Lower Stress Levels

Learning how to overcome depression and taking control of stress levels is a must for a healthy metabolism. If you are consistently stress, your adrenal glands might burn out and you might feel exhausted nonstop. As a result, this will ruin your metabolism and could set you up for heart disease, chronic fatigue, and IBS. In order to reduce your stress, it is necessary for you to practice yoga, exercise, or do meditation daily. Moreover, weight lifting is also another good idea for stress management. Sometimes, just laughing and talking with your best friends could help you reduce stress naturally. Other good ideas is to execute more downtime in your day, like writing, reading, finding your new hobby, or spending time in nature. Lastly, you should make sure to eat healthily because it also helps you manage stress well. [Read: how to reduce stress effectively]

 5. Avoid Going Fat Free

It is pointed out that one of the worst things people could do for their metabolism is to avoid taking fat. The human body needs fat in order to run appropriately. You should choose the right types of fat with the right amount. Great fats could speed up your metabolism. You can opt for monounsaturated fats from seeds and raw nuts, coconut oil, and a little bit of dark chocolate. You should avoid most other oils which could be dense, even flax oil or olive oil. There are many benefits of coconut oil you could make use of, it is often used for getting an instant energy and metabolism functions, and not naturally stored as fat by your liver. Eat fat from raw fruits and foods such as avocado. Keep fats just at 1 to 2 tablespoon each meal.

6. Drink Plenty Of Fluids

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism - Drink Plenty Of Fluids

Metabolism needs not only healthy foods but also plenty of fluids. Those water-rich fluids can keep your body hydrated that is so crucial for cellular functions within the body. You need to give your metabolism enough the right fluids to help it work properly, like the engine of a certain car. In other words, water could flush waste from your body and also keep the digestive system working well, which is an important habit for a proper, healthy metabolism. [See: the ultimate weight loss guide – the venus factor system]

7. Be Active

When it comes to how to speed up your metabolism naturally, it is important to count on being active. This is one of the most obvious habits which could change the metabolism. You should avoid sitting all day long if you work at a desk. If possible, you should talk as much as you could upon on the phone, walk during the lunch break, and walk to and from the office. Even, doing housework could be considered as being active.

8. Spice Up Your Food

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism - Spice Up Your Food

Add some spice to your diet plan to turn up the heat within your kitchen. You can use some spicy ingredients such as chili pepper to increase your metabolism. The chili pepper includes capsaicin compound which could not only fire up the taste buds but also contribute to a better and higher metabolism.

9. Begin Snacking

Instead of starving your own in between different meals and start bingeing on the late meal, you need to suppress your hunger all day long by consuming healthy snacks. That way, you will keep your metabolism cranking, which in turns will stimulate your body to burn more calories. Some studies pointed out that people who snacked throughout the day seem eat less during each meal. [Read: low carb snacks to eat on the go]

10. Avoid Crash Diets

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism - Avoid Crash Diets

How to speed up your metabolism naturally? It is necessary for you to avoid those crash diets. Though you may feel losing a couple of pounds over the course of your diet will not affect your muscle, then you are wrong. The lower the muscle mass is, the slower your metabolism will be. As a result, you will gain weight which you have just lost through the crash diet.

11. Put On Muscle

As mentioned earlier in the previous tip on how to speed up your metabolism, muscle is critical for a healthy metabolism as it enhances the amount of calories burned as your own body do not work or do something. Each muscle in the body will burn about 6 calories per day to sustain itself whilst fat just burns 2 calories each day. The number sounds insignificant, yet they will add up over the time. Thus, you should put on more muscle by practicing resistance training and you will see your body burn calories after the gym.

12. Pay Attention To Omega-3s

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism - Pay Attention To Omega-3s

Have you ever heard about the infinite health benefits of omega-3s?  Most of us at least once heard about it, yet you may be no aware that they also help you get healthy metabolism. Fact is, omega-3s could balance out the blood sugar level and decrease inflammation, which in turn will regulate your metabolism. Nevertheless, if you could not integrate omega-3s to your diet, you can take omega-3s supplements daily instead!

13. Eat Iron-Rich Foods

Yes. Iron plays an important role in speeding up your metabolism. Low iron levels will put stress on the metabolism, particularly during that time of the month for women. Iron essentially supports the transportation of oxygen into the muscle. If the human body does not have a good level of iron, the muscles will not be able to take enough oxygen, which will lead to low metabolism rate.

14. Drink Green Tea

How To Speed Up Your Metabolism - Drink Green Tea

It is pointed out that green tea is considered the closest thing to a metabolism potion. There are many health benefits of green tea you can make use of. It consists of the ECGC compound that will accelerate fat burning. though you might not see the impacts of green tea on your metabolism instantly, you will steadily feel the change in your overall health and eventually recognize the results over the time. In order to gain the best results, you should drink green tea while it is rather hot and steep it before for 3 minutes or so.

15. Stock Up On Protein

The last tip on how to speed up your metabolism is to cram more protein into the diet. That way, you will be able to establish and maintain lean muscle by consuming foods like chicken, tofu, beans, nuts and eggs. The human body will burn much more calories by digesting protein compared to carbohydrates or fat, so you should try to replace the carb intake with more protein-rich foods.

These are top 15 natural methods on how to speed up your metabolism you could take advantage of instantly. Consider them and you will soon realize a boost in your metabolism.

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