How to stay positive and happy in tough times: 13 tips

6. Watch Your Own Language

Be aware of using such negative language or sending negative messages to those people around you. Whether you speak it out loud or think in your head, the words are also as important as your voice, both in your own life and at work. Thus, you should communicate positively in order to stay positive. [Read: killers ways on how to build self confidence]

7. Imagine The Kind Of Person You Wish To Be

Think about your ideal version of yourself, emotionally, physically, professionally, and personally. If you have that picture in your mind, you begin making the decisions as well as choices that you think the ideal version of you might be making.

8. Express Yourself Creatively

The next tip on how to stay positive is to express yourself creatively. Just make a certain point of creatively expressing yourself each day. It could be the way you dress, the way you decorate your home, or the way you plan your work each day. Just simply think outside of the box and let your own talents flow. That way, you will feel much better about yourself and even more optimistic about your current situation.

9. Do Not Afraid Of Being Fail

Fact is, nothing paralyzes people like the fear of failure, yet everyone who has been successful has at least one times of experiencing the failure at some point of their life. Thus, failure is normal, do not let the fear stop you from moving forward. If things do not go as the way you want the first time, you should look at what went wrong and see what you could learn from it, then enthusiastically use those learnt lessons to move forward.

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