How to stay positive and happy in tough times: 13 tips

10. Do Not Beat Yourself Up

The truth is, nothing good could come from berating and belittling yourself. Negativity just begets much more negativity. Thus, you need to remove those negative thoughts and replace them with positive ones. Be as supportive of yourself as you are to your loved ones. [See: how to live a simple life]

11. Stay In The Present Moment

If you really want to be tense and anxious, just simply spend your time on dwelling on your past or worrying about your future. On the other hand, if you want to know how to stay positive, spend your time on the present and what you are doing now.

12. Be Open To Happiness

It is pointed out that a smile or a simple action of opening to happiness could change your mood drastically. Thus, look for the humor in even the worst situation. Seek out other people who can make you smile and laugh rather than scowling upon interacting with other people. [Read: how to make a girl smile and laugh]

13. Recharge Yourself

It is rather difficult for you to feel positive and optimistic when your own battery runs down. Hence, you should make sure that you set aside time each day to recharge your body and your soul as well. Turn off your phone, laptop and also the voices within your head. Just simply enjoy the stillness as well as the calm and see how the little kid inside is doing.

These above are 13 simple tips on how to stay positive and happy even in tough times. You should take advantage of them to see how positively you life will change.

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