8 ways on how to stop a period faster once it starts

For some women, menstruation could really be painful. Heavy flow and pain make menstruation an unpleasant existence of a woman’s life. Most women would like to make their periods go away due to the pain accompanied with it, while some might relieve from it so that it does not interfere with their big day. Some women experience heavy bleeding and want to control it, particularly when they are going to go on a vacation. No matter what you reason is, many women have wondered how to stop a period faster. Fortunately, there are always some ways to stop a period faster once it starts, just simply check out from Wikiyeah.com!

How to stop a period

1. Use Contraceptives

This might be the easiest and fastest way on how to stop a period faster. Using birth control or contraceptives under the consultation of a doctor is a popular way to stop a period. Take the advice from your doctor to decide which kind will best suit your demands. Your doctor will explain the dosage to use, what to expect and risks involved.
Contraceptives can inhibit fertilization and ovulation. They could be available in the form of oral, injectable or in a patch. The simplest manner on how to stop a period is taking oral contraceptives which are in the pill form. These pills should be taken one cycle before the period you do not want to have. If you take them regularly as directed, you will stop periods and once you stop, periods will come back.
However, it is not good for women to have prolonged intake of hormonal contraceptives as it might be associated with hormonal imbalances, headaches, cardiovascular disease and even cancer. Hence, take the advice from your doctor before using it!

2. Make Use Of A Flexible Cup

The so-called softcup is a flexible cup which could be inserted via the vagina and placed right in front of the cervix to collect menstrual flow. Of course, this device does not help stop your period; it prevents the blood from flowing your vagina, like a tampon. You can wear it for maximally 12 hours and could be reused during your period.
This method seems to help stop your period without creating any side effects like medications. Espcially, you could use it whilst having an intercourse, traveling or even swimming. Nevertheless, if you want to avoid leakage, use a new cup rather than reusing one. Keep in mind that this method does not help avoid pregnancy and should not be use as a contraceptive method.

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3. Take Ibuprofen

Want to know how to stop a period early? Ibuprofen will be your best choice. Though it does not help stop your period or eliminate it entirely, ibuprofen could help keep the blood flow down to about 50%. Also, ibuprofen is helpful at decreasing the pains associated with your period.
Nonetheless, do not take over 3-4 pills in a 24-hour period because overdosing will be dangerous. Take to your doctor about this problem to get the appropriate guidance.

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