8 ways on how to stop a period faster once it starts

4. Aleve

It is commonly used as a reliever for pains and cramps due to menstruation that are experienced by the majority of women whilst on their periods. Some women said that they took Aleve several days before they begin menstruating to help stop the period early by about 1-2 days. Besides, when taking Aleve, you also experience light bleeding.

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5. Red Raspberry Tea

This is one of the most delicious ways on how to stop a period faster. Also, it brings a number of benefits in the female reproduction system. Yet, before trying out this treatment, you should talk with your doctor because if taking a large amount of raspberry could lead to lower blood sugar levels.

6. Drink Plenty Of Water Or Fruit Juice

If you drink a great deal of water or juice, you can lighten and shorten periods. Take 6-8 glassed of water daily to keep a healthy body, particularly if you are on a proper exercise regime. Stay away from alcohols as well as caffeine to effectively stop a period early. Besides, taking a large amount of water will help you alleviate bloating and cramping.

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