7 practical tips on how to stop being jealous in a relationship

Jealousy in a relationship could lead to a slew of different issues, from paranoia to insecurity or unfounded accusations. Occasionally, you can’t help but still feel jealous, particularly if there is someone who gets more attention from your lover than you think they deserve.

If you feel as if your own jealousy might put a lot of pressure on your current relationship, find out tips on how to stop being jealous in a relationship, thereby easing the pressure and lessening your insecurity – from Wikiyeah.com!

How To Stop Being Jealous In A Relationship – 7 Most Practical Tips

How to stop being jealous

1. Experience And Explain

When it comes to learning how to stop being jealous in a relationship, this is the first and basic tip. There might be times when you feel your jealousy getting over your control simply because you saw your partner texting or talking to someone who might potentially be a threat to your love.

However, before getting over your control, you should stop yourself for a while. Then, ask yourself some questions about what you feel at that moment. What you need is to find out why you are so jealous to start with. Once you have found out the major reason behind your jealousy, then you will have a much clearer view of what you believe is occurring. That will help you achieve a whole new perspective on the situation, and it could also prevent you from giving a wrong conclusion. [Read: biggest turn offs for guys]

2. Avoid Letting Your Imagination Take Over You

How to stop being jealous in a relationship? Do not let your imagination control you. Once there is a situation which you are not entirely clear about, it might be easy to let your imagination fill in the blanks which you do not know.

In fact, a boyfriend who always works overtime may be a philandering jerk who is sleeping with his colleague. A girlfriend who does not pick up her own phone call might be a liar who still sees her ex. Once this theory sticks to your mind, you might begin doing some behaviors which prove that the theory you give is right. That is when paranoia as well as jealousy takes control over you. [Read: how to tell if someone is jealous of you]

Thus, before you begin imagine and creating fictitious stories about your partner’s cheat, you should do two things:

You could find a different view of looking at what is going on. Maybe, your lover does not pick up his/her phone because he/she is driving.

In case the above thing does not calm down your imagination, you could try to find another thing to do which can distract you till your lover could explain reasonably his problem. Avoid letting your feelings and emotions rule out your imagination. [Read: signs of a controlling boyfriend]

3. Avoid Comparing

Jealousy and envy are closely connected to each other. Thus, maybe the main reasons you are feeling jealous of someone is because that person has something that you lack.

Do not focus on the attention that your lover gives that person, and that just add fuel to the huge raging and fire within yourself. And, the temptation will emerge when you compare yourself with the object of your jealousy, causing you to pummel down you own self-esteem. Even when you think that person has something great that you do not have, think of this – of all the funny, smart, good-looking people in the social circle of your partner, why did your partner choose you as his/her lover? Regardless of the qualities that people around your lover have but you do not have, after all, it is still the YOU who gets to be his/her sweetheart. Be faith in your own! [Read: reasons why relationships fail]

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