7 practical tips on how to stop being jealous in a relationship

4. Let Your Partner Know Your Jealousy

Another tip on how to stop being jealous in a relationship is to let your partner now that you are jealous. Though it might feel downright insulting and embarrassing to admit that you are jealous of someone else, sometimes this should be done: let your partner know that you are feeling so – in order to stop worsening your jealousy more. [Read: how to deal with a jealous boyfriend]

You can explain that you have noticed that he/she is spending too much time with a specific person, and that you want to know why. Yet, be calm and still when saying that. Do not make your lover partner clam up. Gently and subtly mention to the object of your jealousy so your lover will take the hint after that. If possible, ask your lover to text or call you when they work late or when they are out with his/her friends in order to reassure you that they do not do anything fishy. In addition, ask to meet up with the coworkers or friends of your lover so you will get to know them better.

By building a bond with the friends of your partner will help you feel reassured that he/she will not do anything suspicious when not being around you. [Read: how to apologize to your boyfriend]

5. Do Not Play Mind Games

The worst side of two partners in a relationship could be revealed when one or both of them feel jealousy. One of the worst things you could do is to play the mind games to make your partner run back to you to get your notice.

Though it might seem to have positive effect temporarily, it just put a strain in your love. It could break the trust of your partner in you, and because of the fast results, you might repeat that strategy over again to catch their attention whenever you feel like he/she is paying too much attention to other people.

On the other hand, some jealous partners even check the personal accounts of their lover. If you find yourself doing so, it is absolutely proof that you neither trust him/her, nor do you respect their own privacy. [Read: a detailed dating guide for men – Crack the girl code review]

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