9 must-know tips on how to stop breastfeeding without pain

Before really stopping breastfeeding, most women often experience a few occasions of trying doing so. As a nursing mom, you may know how to breastfeed. Yet, knowing how to stop breastfeeding should be just as important as that. Needless to say, stop breastfeeding is not as simple as it seems to be. Before learning some tips on how to stop breastfeeding, without pain, you may need to know this: the female body keeps producing milk as long as milk is constantly coming out.
This is how your body will respond as you begin the process of weaning from breastfeeding. Once you stop stopping pumping milk suddenly, or stop giving your sweetheart milk, your breasts will automatically fill it up to the maximum level.
Now, come back to the main topic: how to stop breastfeeding without pain, if you wish to stop breastfeeding, you should plan a process that might take some time. Really, it is not an overnight fix. It takes even months to entirely wean your baby, but with the following tips collected from mothers, who have stopped breastfeeding successfully, you are able to do so without pain or engorgement. Take a look from WikiYeah!

How to stop breastfeeding

1. Make Sure Your Baby Is Ready

Of course, the first and foremost tip to keep in mind in regard to learning how to stop breastfeeding is to make sure that your baby is ready for your decision. By ready, it means taking a cup of bottle.
So, how do you know your baby is ready?
There are some signs that your baby might be ready to start the weaning process, which are:
• Shorter nursing episodes
• Easily distracted whilst nursing
• “Playing” with the breast
• Seeming disinterested or fussy whilst nursing
If you opt for starting the weaning process yourself, then let time for you and your baby to adjust both physically and emotionally. Steadily decreasing the frequency and length of each breast-feeding session over a stage of weeks will let your supply of milk to diminish naturally.
Also, you should also commit that you want to quit. For many women it takes begin extremely tired and exhausted of getting up in the middle of the night.

2. Start Steadily

Any abrupt cessation of breastfeeding will almost confuse the human body. Normally, your body has prepared itself to feed the baby depended on how much milk your baby needs, but it has not been prepared to stop producing milk at a rapid rate. Thus, it takes time for your body to realize that the milk is not in need anymore. If you accidentally stop nursing, your body will be less likely to deal with the transition fluently, and you tend to experience painful secondary effects as a consequence.

3. Acclimate Your Baby To Take A Cup Or Bottle Well Before Really Stopping Breastfeeding

For the majority of babies, they feel formula milk is yucky in compared with breast milk. Besides, the bottle’s nipple is also foreign to the baby. The whole sucking process is strongly different while the nursing security from the mother has been eradicated. That is why your baby needs time to familiarize with the changes.

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