14 practical tips on how to stop fighting in a relationship

Everyone in a relationship argues. Nevertheless, how frequently you fight and how loudly you scream does not project the result of your relationship. The thing that matters about fighting in a relationship comes down to how each party feels when they leave the vow. There are a lot of manners on how to stop fighting, yet not all of them practical and effective. Though constant fighting in any relationship is totally not healthy, sometimes it still occurs. If you find yourself constantly fighting with your lover or partner, then you have to take a look at this article about how to stop fighting in a relationship so you could get back to understanding and enjoying each other and respark the romance in your relationship. Keep in mind that the real causes of fighting is misunderstanding and underlying problems. Check out at Wikiyeah.com!

How To Stop Fighting In A Relationship – 14 Easy Tips

How to stop fighting

1. Take A Break

When it comes to tips on how to stop fighting, even a 30-second break could help a couple push the reset button on fight. Thus, you need to learn how to manage your anger, to cool down the anger of both of you and your partner. Just stop arguing and step out of the room, reconnect when each of you is a little calmer.

2. Avoid Bringing Up The Past

This is a big step to learn how to stop fighting in a relationship. The past is the past and you cannot change it, the more you bring it up, the worse the fight could actually be. Bringing up the past could also bring up the old emotions which are not good in general. [Read: how to get over your ex]

3. Avoid The “But”

It is shown that couples usually derail a resolution when they know the position of the other person, and then add the word “but” in their next saying, reaffirming their idea or their own. For instance, “I can understand why you did not the phone, but why do you think I am caring for you?” Therefore, to stop the fighting, you need to avoid the “but”. [Read: how to not lose yourself in a relationship]

4. Do Not Leave Things Unresolved

Of course, it is hard and you might be heard it before, yet do not go to bed angry. This could leave the two of you nurturing resentment and could make the fight last longer. Why do not resolve the fight before going to bed or at least speak out what you think so you and your partner could feel better?

5. Practice Acceptance

How to stop fighting in a relationship? Maybe, one of the most important tips of a long lasting relationship is that each party understands the role of learning to accept each other. No one is perfect. Everyone has their own flaws, some of flaws could be handled with while some could not. And, that is when you need to learn to accept.

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