14 practical tips on how to stop fighting in a relationship

6. Find Out The Root Causes Of The Problem

There are basically 9 stages of a relationship and fighting and disagreement might be inevitable. Each problem has its root cause behind. Therefore, you need to figure out precisely the root causes of your fighting so you could solve t he issue and handle the fight. It is not easy at all, but is going to be worth it.

7. Understand Your Part Of The Fight

One of the big problems that many people have when being in a fight is that they get into their own mind. It is hard to admit that you are wrong and to take the blame. However, you should do it. Also, learn to know how to express anger in a healthy way. It is really healthy and makes your partner appreciate you.

8. Remember The Important Things In Your Relationship

You need to bear in mind that your relationship is more important than whatever causes that fighting. The two of you are together for a reason. You, your partner and the marriage are what you need to take care of. [Read: why do men blow hot and cold]

9. Exercise Patience

Granted, it is difficult to keep in mind this in the heat of the moment. However, take a few deep breaths and decide to revisit the discussion when the tension gets high. This might be the best way to handle the instant situation.

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