14 practical tips on how to stop fighting in a relationship

10. Lower Your Expectations

Yet, this does not mean you should have low expectations but it means you should remember you might have different expectations. The best manner to do this is to ask what the expectations of other people are in a circumstance. Also, do not automatically assume that you come into such situation with the same expectations.

Nonetheless, what if you are in the middle of the fight and you seem to do nothing other than polarizing one another?

11. Focus On The Behaviors, Not The Personal Characteristics

Person attacks could be more damaging and even long-lasting. Hence, instead of focusing on the personal characteristics of your partner, you should talk about what your partner’s behaviors upset you. [Read: how to be a good partner]

12. Focus On Resolving The Problem, Instead Of Winning The Fight

You had better resist the urge to win the fight. Keep in mind that it is better to be happy and peace than just right.

13. Put Yourself In Your Partner’s Shoes

Even when you do not understand his obsession with a certain sport, like football, you need to accept it. So, when your guy refuses to have a serious conversation with you until halftime happens, look at the situation from your partner’s point of view. That way, you can cool down and avoid another fight. [Read: how to have a long term relationship]

14. Do Not Get Other People Involved Your Fighting

Do not ever yell at your partner for things that are out of their control. It means that you should not bring up their alcoholic parents or jailbird brother because you might regret about it later. Stick to the topic at hand when you argue and do not be distracted by any other problem.

Conflict could be distressing. If you see it as an chance for growth, it could help you become closer and deepen your relationship. Go through and apply these tips on how to stop fighting in a relationship so you can maintain a long lasting relationship.

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