12 quick tips on how to stop lying to yourself and others

5. Take Responsibility

To know how to stop lying to yourself and others, you should take responsibility of what occurred, what is occurring and what will occur. [Read: how to live a simple life and be happy]

6. If You Are Wrong, Then You Are Wrong

When making mistake, you should learn to accept it instead of blaming it on someone. Sometimes, the results could feel much better than the guilt.

7. Do Not Answer Too Quickly

In order to make any good decision, it takes time to think. Those compulsive liars often do not think before talking. Actually, lies flow out even when they process their mind about if they want to lie or not.

8. Put Yourself In Other Peoples’ Shoes

Before lying about something, try putting yourself in other people’s shoes. Wouldn’t you feel hurt when someone is constantly lying through their teeth without any reason at all? [Read: unspoken relationship rules]

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