12 quick tips on how to stop lying to yourself and others

9. Share Your Feelings

Choose a trustworthy person who does not judge you and tell them your secrets. If you could not do it verbally, then note down what you want to tell. Tell someone that you have been lying to both yourself and them for some time now. That way, you will feel much better about yourself. [Read: how to understand people better]

10. Stop Doing Something Just Because Others Also Do It

You should not do something simply because you are told to do it or other people are doing it. Think first whether or not that action really resonates with the person you are. If you could not, then do not do it, even if everyone does.

11. Meditation

You should go for meditation and learn beginner tips for meditation because through being still and enjoying yourself from such a calm place, you will know what you really want and also stop lying to yourself and others.

12. Avoid Associating With Those Who Do Not Share Your Values

To know how to stop lying to yourself, you had better refuse to associate with people who simply do not share your own values.

So, what will happen if you do not stop lying? Of course, you will soon lose yourself and not know who you really are. You will become a machine that spews lies continually without thinking. Before you know it, no loved one could trust you or care about what you say before they have been persuaded that all what you do is lie.

If you are serious about learning how to stop lying to yourself and others, follow and apply the tips above right instantly!

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