9 tips on how to stop sweaty feet naturally in heels & sandals

If you normally wear shoes, then the sweat from your foot could not evaporate normally. As a result, this sweat quickly becomes smelly because bacteria work on it to produce smelly fatty acids. When introduced to dark, warm confines of your footwear, the natural flora on your skin combine with sweat, leading to unpleasant food odor.
Sweaty, smelly feet could be a source of embarrassment for anyone who wears shoes. Fact is, one of the major causes of sweaty, smelly feet is wearing the wrong socks as well as footwear. Shoes with plastic or other synthetic fabric linings do not allow any sweat to evaporate and also do not absorb it, so the feet will stay wet. Similarly, synthetic socks come with the same effect, especially if they are tight.
If you sweaty feet make you reluctant to remove your shoes in front of other people, then you should find a way to control the problem. Fortunately, this list made by Wikiyeah.com will show you some tried-and-true tips on how to stop sweaty feet naturally in heels and sandals without using any kind of drugs or medications.

How to stop sweaty feet

1. Pay Attention To Your Socks

Well, this should be the first and foremost tip on how to stop sweaty feet.

• It is better for you to throw out those nylon socks and replace them with socks that are 60-70% wool combined with 40-30 man-made fibre. Do not think that socks that are all cotton are totally good as they do not hold much moisture without becoming sodden. All-wool socks become clammy. Thus, you should opt for the socks which are made from bamboo fibre as they are supposed to be able to draw sweat away effectively.
• Also, make sure that your socks are not too tight. In reality, several types of sports sock have ventilation panels and also are specifically designed to transport moisture away from the foot.
• Every day, you should wear clean socks, wash socks on the hottest cycle. Remember to rinse your socks in antiseptic, dilute 20 times after washing. Let them dry naturally.
• If possible, consider fresh-feet, antibacterial socks. These types of socks are impregnated with chemicals to help discourage odor-producing bacteria which feed on sweat, yet they are really not a good substitute for clean socks daily. Some experts worry that trying to fight these harmless bacteria might encourage stronger strains to develop.

2. Handle Your Shoes

In order to know how to stop sweaty feet, you should deal with the shoes you are using. Some tips include:
• Check lining of the shoes as leather shoes usually have a plastic lining; hence, make sure that you opt for the all-leather shoes without a lining or the shoes that are lined with leather.
• Purchase washable insoles for the shoes, wash them daily.
• Every couple of weeks, you should clean the inside part of your shoes. It will help eliminate dried old sweat. Also, wipe the inside of the shoes using surgical spirit that you could purchase from a pharmacy.
• Do not wear trainers for long periods as they are synthetic and insulating – which produce an ideal conditions for sweaty, cheesy feet.
• Avoid wearing just a single pair of shoes for continual days, let them dry out appropriately.

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3. Deal With Your Feet

Check your feet’s soles for hard skin which is dead skin and becomes soggy when damp, supplying an ideal condition for bacteria. Eliminate dead skin cells using a pumice stone.

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