9 tips on how to stop sweaty feet naturally in heels & sandals

7. Salt Water

This might be the simplest method on how to stop sweaty feet you can do almost instantly.
• Mix kosher salt and water at the rate of 1:4
• Soak your feet into that solution for 15 minutes
• Let your feet dry out entirely

8. Black Tea

Black tea contains tannic acid which is good for closing the pores that helps control sweat and foot odor, so it is a great ingredient on how to stop sweaty feet. You just need:
• Boil two tea bags in ½ liter of water for about 15 minutes.
• Add this to 2 liters of cool water and soak the feet into this solution for 20 minutes. Let it dry thoroughly

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9. Check Your Toes

You should check between the toes for fungal infections like athlete’s foot. In reality, fungi thrive when the feet are moist and warm. In such condition, your toes will look soggy and red. Purchase an antifungal foot spray, which is more efficient than antifungal than foot powders. You had better use the spray for 10 days and if your symptoms still persist, you had better see your doctor.
If you are bothered by sweatiness of your feet, and the tips on how to stop sweaty feet described above do not help to deal with the problem, it might be worth talking to your doctor. In case you feel too shy to talk to your doctor, you had better see a chiropodist as they are experts on all foot problems like sweatiness, and give very useful advice.

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