How to take a compliment without being awkward – 10 crucial tips

Some people say that taking compliments make them feel a little uncomfortable and they just want to come up with the right response. Oftentimes, people blush and turn their eyes to the floor when someone else gives them a compliment. Let’s face it, not many of us could really accept a compliment. And, many of us live in fear of being complimented just because we do not know how to react. In general, when being complimented, our reaction is ignoring it, deflect it or deny it.

Well, in certain aspect, learning how to take a compliment without being awkward also means learning how to build self confidence. Hence, here uncovers top 9 tips on how to take a compliment with confidence.

I. How To Take A Compliment – 4 Reasons Why You Should Accept The Compliment

How to take a compliment

1. You Will Appear More Humble By Accepting The Compliment

When it comes to tips on how to take a compliment, it is important for you to acknowledge reasons why you should accept that compliment. Because we are human beings, so we continually worry how the words and actions we give may be perceived by other people. The truth is, the main fear of the human beings is being seen as arrogant. After all, one of the most popular criticisms that we think about other people is thinking they seem arrogant. Thus, it is necessary for you to stop the thought that other people may believe you to be arrogant.

However, it is not as your thoughts because if you accept the compliment in a proper way, you will appear more humble. Rejecting a compliment could really make you appear obnoxious and hostile, not modest and humble. Oftentimes, you may respond to a certain compliment like “Your hair looks so lovely today” with a response like “Oh, it is greasy and horrible…I have not wash it for several days”. That case, you think if you put yourself down, you will look modest. Nevertheless, saying that way implies you are unintentionally say, “You are wrong, I am right and here is why blah blah blah”, which is rather arrogant. So, you should take that compliment in a gracious and respectful way. [Read: why do men blow hot and cold]

2. You Save The Person Who Is Complimenting From Embarrassment

How to take a compliment and why you should do it? When a person gives you a compliment, they want to make you feel good about yourself by verbalizing a positive thing about you. And, paying a compliment also takes courage from them. If you do not respond their compliment by accepting it or simply ignoring it, then you might be disrespecting their good intention. Accept their compliment as a compliment literally.  [Read: 10 signs to tell if someone is jealous of you]

3. You Will Be More Liked By Other People

The happiness of human being partly bases on the success of social interactions and the state of different relationships. Fact is, people will be more likely to be attracted to you positively if you own a confident and positive frame of mind. Thus, rejecting any compliment or responding a compliment in such negative way will bring about negative effect. You had better accept the compliment with a positive and friendly outlook to get positive outcomes.

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