How to take a compliment without being awkward – 10 crucial tips

4. You Should Reward Your Achievements

Even when you realize that the compliment seems not insincere, then you should still accept it. Once a certain is not sincere when giving you a compliment, then they might want to make you feel vulnerable, small and to test your own confidence. That case, you should give them the response which is not according to their hope, showing that you are denying them of the satisfaction of seeing you squirm.

II. How To Take A Compliment – 5 Useful And Practical Ways

1. “Thank You!”

The first tip on how to take a compliment is to say “thank you!” This might be one of the most essential steps when responding to a compliment. Just simply saying “Thank you” will never cause other people to make any presumption about how your ego is. Also, that way will help you come across courteously and graciously. Besides, do not forget to smile while saying thank you, add your eye contact and body language and confidence to the conversation with that complimenter to show that your gratitude is true and genuine.

2. Give Credit Where The Credit Is Due

Upon accepting any compliment, you should be sure that you know when it is a group effort and give credit where it is due. You had better share the compliment with other people who are involved in the successful situation. Moreover, if the complimenting person also plays a role in your achievements, make sure that you let them know about it. [Read: questions to ask on a date]

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