How to take a compliment without being awkward – 10 crucial tips

3. Show Additional Appreciation

Showing your appreciation to the person who gave you a compliment is a good way to make them like you more. For instance, “Thank you. You are very kind for saying that”. If so, the complimenting person will really feel that they have hit the right spot. [Read: how to impress a boy and make him like you]

4. Develop A Conversation Basing On That Compliment

When it comes to how to take a compliment, using it to start a conversation is a plus point. A compliment is also a good tool for you to start a conversation. Sometimes, you can escape from awkward silence after accepting the compliment. If the person praises for your new hair style or your new shoes, then you may love to know where you made or bought it. [Read: physical turn ons for guys]

5. Return The Favor… Later

If you return the compliment instantly right after getting it, you might come across as false and disingenuous. That looks like you are paying a compliment for the receiving of a compliment. Repay the kindness by giving your sincere compliment the next time you realize something positive genuinely about that person.

These are top 10 tips on how to take a compliment without being awkward you should make use of right instantly. There will always be more advantages about accepting a compliment than ignoring or denying.
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