16 hot ways on how to tease your man and leave him hard

If you are looking for ways on how to tease your man and turn him on, then you have to take a look at the following article.

Teasing is about doing seemingly mundane things, with sexy twists. It is the way used to keep your guy thinking about you throughout the day. By applying some of 16 hot and wicked ways on how to tease your man, collected by Wikiyeah.com, you can turn him on without effort.

How To Tease Your Man – 16 Easy Ways

How to tease your man
How to tease your man

1. Unexpected Affection

Men do not typically expect a lot of affection from their female lovers, yet if you can help your guy get off guard with unexpected subtle touch or tongue-kiss which is little proactive. This is considered as one of great ways on how to tease your man no matter where you are and let him acknowledge about what will occur when the two of you get home. [Read: how to seduce a man in seconds]

2. Naughty Messages

In regard of wicked ways on how to tease your man, naughty texting is a great way. In fact, texting can get a man bothered when he is not with you. Of course, the most sure-fire way to leave him hard is using a nudie photo, it also comes with then potential risk of internet hacking. So, this might not be a safe manner on how to tease your man. Instead of showing it off, you can tease your man using sensual texts.

Or, you could play the “If you were here,…” game through texting. Because you do not directly speak your words, you will feel it easier go wild.

3. PDA

PDA means you can tease him in public. PDA is to focus on public affection. If you are in public, just simply slip your arm around him, hold him tighter a little bit, or sit in his lap while being out. [Read: What men secretly want review – A complete guide for discovering men’s mind

4. Lingering

Lingerie, among less-known tips on how to tease your man, is the one that many women ignore, but slipping into a piece of lingerie could really make your man go crazy. It is particularly true when you catch him entirely off guard. [Read: physical turn ons for guys]

5. Sexy Perfume

If you want to tease your man without having to doing anything, you should make use of perfumes, particularly sexy perfumes. There are a lot of perfumes available in the market nowadays which can drive your guy wild. What you need is to find the specific one which works for your own body chemistry – the one that you exactly know he will love. Smell could change everything. [Read: best perfumes for women that men love]

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