16 hot ways on how to tease your man and leave him hard

6. Toys

Bringing toys and a little excitement into your bedroom is a good way to tease your lover. Lay out a toy in the sight – that makes him know what is coming. As a result, he will think about it all day. Give it a try!

7. Food Fight

Have you ever thought about using food to tease your man? Bringing in food into your bedroom will create something special for your romantic experience. It keeps things delicious and spicy for days. Just try to find a good food and give it a try!

8. Picture

Similar to the early tip on how to tease your man, you can use pictures instead of texts to tease him. Do it whilst he is still work far from home. If you are uncomfortable making it a really sexy one, you can snap a pic of the dress with your nice face. [Read: how to show your love]

9. Dirty Talk

Men, in fact, are visual creatures, yet that does not mean he does not love to hear something naughty, particularly when it comes to physical intimacy. You should use your most seductive voice to tell him what you really want. Do not feel ashamed as the more details you get to use, the more excited and interesting your man will be.

10. Massage

You do not have to touch him in such a sexual way to excite him. Get your own hands on his body by offering a back massage. In the end, he will kiss you to thank you and want you more. Who knows, thing will go further.

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