16 hot ways on how to tease your man and leave him hard

11. Your Lips

Use your lips to play with something like the straw of your cocktail. That means, use your lips to flirt with him. When you are dating your lover, lick your lips and use the tongue to caress the straw. That way, you are leaving him hard.

12. Dance

In front of your guy, you dance to allow him to admire your own body. Turn on your favorite song, jump around and put something sexual to strip to, put on something soft to slow dance to. Go for whatever works.

13. Start – Stop

The best manner to tease him is to give him passionate, long kisses, then stopping. Smile during the stops of kiss to let your man know that you are trying to tease him. It will get him more eager than ever.

14. Whisper

In case you feel too shy to talk dirty, you could make use of your whispering voice to tease him. Whispering is sensitive, if you could say something soft into the ear of your man, you will make him chill. It does not matter what to say when you let your breathe tickle his skin.

15. Memory

Remind him of the nice memory when the two of you got steamy under the shower. It will let him think about how much both of you have had. As a result, it causes him to want to make some new ones.

16. Eye Contact

Eye contact is powerful if you use it properly. If you give a man a look, he will be willing to wrap his own arms around you. Do not be afraid of looking him right directly in the eye. That is one of the easiest but gentlest tips on how to tease your man.

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