How to tell if someone is jealous of you: 10 secret signs

3. Constantly Remind You Of Your Past Failures

Whenever you have good news and share it with your friend, he/she acts unexcited or instantly tries to minimize it (and you), and emphasizes it with something like “be present”, or “be careful because something bad could happen once again like it did in your past”, chances are they are jealous of you and secretly hope you fail in the presence. A true friend will know when to appropriately celebrate you, not trying to remind your failures in the past.

4. Criticize You

The nitpicking mate might not be the kind of friend that should be in your life. If a certain friend constantly criticizes you, then he/she might be envy something of you. Hypercritical individuals are obviously not happy and satisfied with themselves, so they will spew their hate on other people. Some people have criticizing habit that everything coming out of their mouth is judgmental and negative. Remember, a true friend will help you recognize who you are, point out your strengths and drawbacks, yet always support you no matter who you are. [MORE: how to deal with a jealous boyfriend]

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  1. i found the article insightful and very relevant to me i have had a lot of friends show animosity towards in one way shape or another if i got an attractive womans number they would try to get the same girls number??? when i became a comedian a friend of mine who watched me struggle and make a lot of sacrifices to become a comedian would try to minimalise my achievements by making bitchy statements like any one can do what you do its not special etc