How to tell if someone is jealous of you: 10 secret signs

5. Humiliate You In Public

If one of your friends has ever told your business out in front of the crowd or made you feel small in front of your friends and family, then this might not be a coincidence. If they have done it to you more than just one times, and you could not figure out why they did so and if their own intentions are bad or good, chances are they are jealous of you.

6. Insincere Happiness

If a friend knows that he/she is jealous of you, he/she might try to express overly happy when you have good news. In simple words, if someone puts a huge grin and acts more enthusiastically than necessary, it implies that he/she is trying to cover up his/her real feelings. Unfortunately, what your friend does not realize is that this kind of behavior seems very insincere and ridiculous.

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  1. i found the article insightful and very relevant to me i have had a lot of friends show animosity towards in one way shape or another if i got an attractive womans number they would try to get the same girls number??? when i became a comedian a friend of mine who watched me struggle and make a lot of sacrifices to become a comedian would try to minimalise my achievements by making bitchy statements like any one can do what you do its not special etc