How to tell if someone is jealous of you: 10 secret signs

7. Avoid Face-To-Face Situations At Your Happy Events

When a friend is jealous of you, he/she often tries to avoid spending his/her time to celebrate your happiness or your achievements.  He/she feels that your success just reminds their failures or unhappiness. That is the reason why he/she continually finds reasons to stay away from your happy events. The refusal reasons could be “I am so busy”, or he/she just simply appears for just a while and then disappears without announcement.

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8. Hate You For No Reason

When you do your things but someone just always seems to hate you and your work, no matter what you do, maybe, they are jealous of your success, and feel undignified that they cannot have the same things going for them.

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  1. i found the article insightful and very relevant to me i have had a lot of friends show animosity towards in one way shape or another if i got an attractive womans number they would try to get the same girls number??? when i became a comedian a friend of mine who watched me struggle and make a lot of sacrifices to become a comedian would try to minimalise my achievements by making bitchy statements like any one can do what you do its not special etc