How to tell if your boyfriend is lying or cheating you: 14 signs

Your man might not realize how much information he is spilling by just sitting there – yet you will, after reading through this article about signs to tell if he is lying. Whether it is about how your man misplaced something serious, if you want to know how to tell if your boyfriend is lying or cheating you, then you need to know some subtle signs about this.

Actually, couples tell each other small white lies all the time. And, when people tell the lies, there are some behaviors associated with lying, such as arm crossing, sweaty palms, sweating, increased heart rate, ums and ahs, crossing legs, laughing improperly, and boosting blood pressure. However, not all these signs could be pinpointed by us in normal situations, so it is necessary to acknowledge the signs of lying. Take a look at the following list of signs on how to tell if your boyfriend is lying or cheating – made by Some information in this article is referred from Allwomenstalk and Cosmopolitan.

how to tell if your boyfriend is lying

1. Shifty Eyes

If your guy constantly shifting his eyes from one side to the other side, this is one of subtle tips on how to tell if your boyfriend lying or cheating you. After all, don’t you have shifty eyes when you lie or cheat on someone else. For me, I do.

2. Use Too Much Or Too Little Eye Contact

Another sign about how to tell if your boyfriend is lying is at the eyes. For some guys, when lying someone, they would avoid eye contact with their partner whereas for some others, they will not look away from the eyes of their partner’s eyes at all.
For the first type: Normally, men find it difficult to maintain steady eye contact whilst telling a lie, yet women tend to do it better than men. Oftentimes, while telling a lie, men will look around, twitch their eyes, or just stare in a different direction upon confronted with a lie. Hence, you could detect when a man is lying or cheating on you by asking him to talk whilst looking at his eyes. In reality, very few men could do it smoothly in relationships.

For the second type: some men will not look away from your eyes, instead they keep looking at your eyes constantly. The reason behind this is because many people believe that if they could look you in your eyes, it will not tell that they are lying. So, be mindful to watch their eye contact!
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3. His Hands In Pockets

If your man’s hands do not leave his pockets while talking with you, then he is telling you a story that seems rather weird, that is one of signs to tell if your boyfriend is lying.

4. His Voice Cracks

This is often the most popular signs on how to tell if your boyfriend is lying. When a man is lying consciously, he may end up changing the momentum of his voice due to the stress he puts on his own vocal chords. Men have a “broad” voice yet with just a little pressure added on the chords, they will make it “Shrill”. Whilst lying, a man unconsciously puts pressure on the chords, therefore end up with cracking his own voice. Hence, once you detect some small changes in his voice modulation, then it is a signal that he may be feeling guilty from inside, or hiding something from you.
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