How to tell your boyfriend you want to get married: 4 subtle ways

You are searching for low-pressure ways on how to tell your boyfriend you want to get married? Sure, you will find your answer here, but before that, take a moment to think about why men and women are in a relationship and how important a romantic relationship is to men and women.

When it comes to romantic relationships, men and women are equal, yet they are still different. You should be careful not to assume that your boyfriend and you are in the relationship for the same reason. Oftentimes, women are in a romantic relationship due to romantic commitment whilst men are in due to companionship and convenience. So, if you want to sure that you are more than just a simple convenient companion, you should ignore his words and pay more attention to his behaviors. Does your boyfriend make an attempt to make you feel loved and important? Does he make his relationship with you a priority over other relationships? If he does not, then you should still not give up your hope of marrying him, yet what you need to do is to work on earning his own respect. Until you could do that, you are emotionally replaceable in the mind of your man.

Now, turn back to the main topic: How to tell your boyfriend you want to get married. Because men and women are motivated differently, they usually misunderstand each other’s behavior. Actually, some men, even most men, don’t know that their girlfriends are really hoping for proposals. Many women expect that what motivates them also motivates their men. However, life is not easy like that. Basically, when we want something from a guy, there are two general manners to do it:

• Use some types of direct or indirect (not physical, though this may happen for some cases)
• Inspire it
Yet, to help you figure out more about specific ways to tell your boyfriend you want to get married, this article from gives you some ideas. Some information in this article is referred from YourTango and Allwomenstalk.

How to tell your boyfriend you want to get married

1. Make Use Of Attending Weddings Of Friends

This is a subtle way on how to tell your boyfriend you want to get married. When you two are at a wedding, then you can point out something that you think would appeal to your man, be it the great performance of groomsmen. Or, you could say: your friends are so great, if we get married, I would love to have them do something for our wedding. At the wedding, you compliment the factors or elements that you like and slyly mention to which ones you may like at your future wedding. By that way, you show your man that you are thinking about getting married with him without even directly saying a word about it. Yet, stay away from mentioning a particularly specific timeline in order to keep things low-pressure to him.

2. Talk About The Engagements Of Your Friends

This tip is rather similar to the above, but it is more specific. For instance, you can say: Vanessa has just engaged and how Peter did was so great. I would love something romantic like that one day.” This way, your man will feel less pressure when thinking of engagement. But, if you still think it is too pressured for your man, you can talk about celebrity engagements.

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3. Talk About Married Couples You Admire

That couple could be your parents, well. Perhaps, your parents are going to celebrate an anniversary. Or, you admire your friends who manage to spend time for each other despite of the busy work schedules. So, you can tell your boyfriend about those people, about how you hope two of you could be like that if you two get married. This sends a clear signals that you are happily imagining two of you in the long run.

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4. Be Playful When Vouching The Question

When it comes to learning how to tell your boyfriend you want to get married, if you do not want to be seen as too needy, you should keep a playful attitude when asking him about marriage, even when you are a little nervous or edgy about his reaction. The last thing you want to do is spooking the man. Hence, just simply slip the question as playfully as possible, you could say something like “So, Mr. Right, when are you planning to marry me?” or “When do I get to call you as my husband?”

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If your man would not pick up on the clues or hints that you drop with the relationship tips above, be more direct. You can say: “I hope we will soon get married. What do you think?” But, do not start the conversation if you suspect that your boyfriend is not on the same page as you in regard to marriage. Remember, neediness or dependence, on the part of the guy or the girl, could quickly decrease attraction.