How to tell your partner you are unhappy – 10 tips

Relationships are not always ups, there will be downs now and then. When a person realizes that he/she is no longer happy in the relationship, he/she will start looking for ways to fix the problem. When they could not do it on their own, they will turn to their partner and speak out their concerns. However, it is not as easy as it sounds. Oftentimes, people allow the relationship to deteriorate to the no-return point because they are afraid of telling their partner that they did not feel happy in the first place.

Why? A person could become unhappy in the relationship for a few reasons. It varies among people and could be caused by various circumstances. When you come to a point of realizing you could no longer find the joy in your relationship, you start wondering why it is happening.

As you realize that you could not fix it by yourself, you begin to question whether the relationship will survive. This is when you are supposed to talk to your partner about your feelings. A lot of people refuse to talk about their feelings not because they are afraid. It is often because they are confused and really do not know how to deal with this situation.

How to tell your partner you are unhappy

What If You Speak Up?

Despite it is useful to talk out your problems, voicing out that you are not happy or satisfied with your current relationship could be emotionally taxing. Some individuals refuse to tell their partner about their feelings as they fear that they may hurt them. Other people will try to think that the problem will disappear on its own.

Most of the doubts deprive from their own assumptions about the consequences of telling their partner about the truth. In reality, it is understandable that the partner will feel lash out when the reality hits them.

Sometimes, acknowledging what precisely will occur could be scarier than not knowing. Before deciding to tell your partner how you feel in your relationship, you need to think about what you want in the long term.

When it comes to how to tell your partner you are unhappy, there is no easy way to do so. Being in a relationship is to be with another person for the only purpose of developing together and enjoying the time of being together. If the relationship is making you unhappy, there is something wrong with either you or your partner. The single way to fix it is to tell your partner how you feel and what you want to do about it. It will also give them the chance to think about what they really want and if they feel the same as you. Take a look at the list made by below to know how to tell your partner you are unhappy the right way.

How To Tell Your Partner You Are Unhappy – 10 Tips

1. Think About The Reason Why You Are Not Happy

Before telling your partner that you are not satisfied with the state of your relationship, then consider first why you feel it. You could not tell them that you accidentally started feeling that way. You need to evaluate your feelings so that you could process it together.

2. Think Of What You Will Say

Do not just present the problem to your partner and wing it. When you do not think carefully about what you are going to say, your partner might not entirely understand what you want to complete. If any misunderstanding is available, the situation will be harder to fix.

3. Prepare Yourself For Anything That Could Happen

Prepare yourself that when you say it out loud, your partner might get angry, cry or even hurt by your words. Knowing that the one you love is not in love anymore could be very painful. That case, rational thinking may get thrown out the door as both your feelings are on overdrive. [MORE: why people stay in unhealthy relationship longer than they should]

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