How to tell your partner you are unhappy – 10 tips

4. Keep Calm

Regardless of things happening, you should not get baited into fights. The conversation between you and your partner needs to happen, and its goal is to be honest with each other. It should not be the case to blame on anyone because you two are responsible for the success of the relationship. Keep calm and explain clearly why you feel that way. Do not resort harsh words and be mindful of the feelings of your partner.

5. Do Not Leave Anything Out

When your partner begins to be emotional, you may feel reluctant to voice out anything else. This is a bad idea as not discussing the issue means that you caused your significant one inessential pain. You are the one who started the conversation, so you had better complete it.

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6. Ask For Your Partner’s Wants

In steps on how to tell your partner you are unhappy, this step is very important. Despite you have your personal views on how things should happen and progress, you still need to ask your significant other what they really want. Give your respect to their want. They might choose to take a break in the relationship, stop it, or work much harder at it. Either option, you still should discuss it carefully before making any decision.

7. Tell Them Your Want

Relationships are two-way streets. The reason you feel unhappy is because you want something that is not available in your current relationship. It can be affection, physical intimacy, more time apart, more time together, or anything else. In case you do not want to stop the relationship but they do, then you should make them see that it is not the solution you want. If you want to stop it but they do not, then make them understand that why it is better to go for your choice.

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