How to tell your partner you are unhappy – 10 tips

8. Get Closure

You had better conclude the problem soon and avoid letting the fight drag on for weeks or months. Just make sure that you said what you needed to say. Let them tell you how they really feel as well. If they need time to think, let them do. However, do not let the problem die down without being handled. Sweeping the issue under the rug just gives it a chance to haunt you once again in the near future.

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9. Check On Your Significant Other

After talking about your problem, check to see how your partner reacts. See if they take it well or they start formulating new solutions. Keep in mind that their happiness is also threatened too.

10. Review The Relationship Thoroughly

If you select to find a way to feel happy again with your significant other, then you need to observe the changes in your relationship. Check if your discussion has helped in improving your connection as well as your feelings. In case nothing changes, then you need to discuss it again. If it fails, you might need to consider fixing the broken relationship whilst you are apart.

Once you can talk out your problem with your partner, you can breathe easier knowing that you told the truth about your feelings. Despite the truth could hurt your partner, being honest about how you see your relationship is something that needs to be handled with.

Just because you are not happy, it does not mean that you should give up on your relationship. Talk to your partner and you could combine your attempts into fixing things. This is exactly what a happy relationship is all about.

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