How to tie a tie – easy & step by step directions

When it comes to tie-tying, most of us are one-dimensional at best. Many men said that they need to learn how to tie a tie and only have 5 minutes. Some guys mastered the art of the only knot a long time ago, then practice well enough alone. That is not wrong, but as men, particularly well-dressed men, you should possess some practical skills to know how to tie a tie in various tie knots. It is totally not “one-knot-fits-all” world that you live in. To help you improve your tie-tying acumen, this article from will show you how to tie a tie, step-by-step, with easy directions. You will discover steps to tie 5 types of tie knots.

I. How To Tie A Tie – Four-In-Hand Knot

How To Tie A Tie - Four In Hand Knot
How To Tie A Tie – Four In Hand Knot

1. Advantages

  • This is considered as the easiest way to learn how to tie a tie among the 4 most commonly used necktie knots. For those who are looking for a knot with little time investment as well as less pretension, this four-in-hand knot is the best option.
  • This is on-the-go knot that can work for all casual looks and narrow collars and is suitable for most occasions. [Read: how to get six pack abs fast]

2. Disadvantages

  • It is a symmetric that does not look good in those shirt with wide collar

3. Steps

  • Start with the wide end on your right side and extend it for about 12” below the narrow end of your own necktie.
  • After that, cross the wide end over the narrow one to make an X fairly close to the neck, back underneath
  • Wrap the wide end around the narrow end, then up through the neck loop. Drop the wide end back down and through the knot
  • Pass the wide end up and through the loop
  • Bring the wide end down and pass the loop in front. Make sure that your knot is tightened. Pull the narrow end down and then move the knot up till it reaches the center of the collar [Read: how to lose face fat and double chin]

II. How To Tie A Tie – Windsor Knot

How to tie a tie – windsor knot

1. Advantages

  • This type of knot is that it is symmetric and gives people a sense of nobility.
  • It is the large necktie knot which looks elegant on the shirts with wide collar.
  • It looks great in business as well as political occassions

2. Disadvantages

  • If you use the tie which is made of thick materials, then the knot made might be too large
  • This type of knot seems to not fit well for shirts with narrow collar

3. Steps

  • To start, the wide end of the tie should be on your right side while the narrow end on the left side
  • Cross the wide over the narrow, and bring the wide under the narrow end and up to the neck loop (center area)
  • Bring the wide end down so that it overlaps the narrow end again
  • Pull the wide end behind the bundle of cloth that you have just created to the left. Before pulling it up and dropping it down through your neck loop once again. Pull it to the left area again.
  • Pull the wide end over, from left to right, thereby overlapping the knot
  • Pull the wide end through the neck loop again.

Slip the wide end through the necktie knot in the front. Try tightening and drawing up to the collar. [Read: homemade facial scrub recipes]

III. How To Tie A Tie – Half-Windsor

How to tie a tie – half-windsor

1. Advantages

  • This type of knot is symmetric
  • This is much suitable for business than the four-in-hand knot

2. Disadvantages

  • This necktie knot is more difficult than the four-in-hand knot

3. Steps

  • To start, place the wide end on the right side of your body
  • Extend it about 12” right below the narrow end
  • Cross the wide over the narrow, back underneath
  • Then, bring the wide up, turn down through the neck loop
  • Pass the wide around to the front, from left to right
  • Now, bring the wide up and through the loop
  • Then, pull the wide end through and in front the knot. Tighten and draw up the knot to collar

IV. How To Tie A Tie – Bow Tie

How to tie a tie – bow tie

1. Advantages

  • This looks more formal than other all of the three types above, so it is suitable for high-class occasions like weddings, balls and so on
  • This comes with a superior appearance

2. Disadvantages

  • This comes more difficult to tie than a long necktie, so you need to practice more

3. Steps

  • To start, you put one end is lightly longer than the left one
  • Then, cross the long over the short
  • Bring that long end up and through the neck loop
  • Create an angle loop with the short end crossing the left side
  • Fold the short end horizontally
  • Place the long end over the short end
  • Fold the long end horizontally
  • Insert the long through the neck loop, at the back of the short end. Pull the two ends to tighten the tie knot slightly

These above detailed steps on how to tie a tie of top 4 most common tie knots that people can use in their daily life as well as special occasions and events.

>>> You can check this video to see clearly how to tie a tie, step-by-step:

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