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Are you looking for tips to tone your thighs that work? When summer comes, you will want to wear shorts and bathing wear that reveal the hard to reach area of your leg, the inner thigh. So, in order to have shapely sculpted legs as well as long lean thighs, you should work for it. Once you find and apply the right exercises, it does not take a long time for you to get the toned thighs you want. Hence, follow 7 tips from on how to tone your thighs fast and you could gain the thighs and legs you have always wanted.

How To Tone Your Thighs – Top 7 Useful Tips To Use

1. Lunges

To start, you stand with the legs in a staggered stance and the right leg in front of the left one. Then, you keep the toes pointed straight ahead and the knees aligned over the toes. Remember to keep the chin tucked, draw the belly button in toward the spine and squeeze the butt and tighten the thighs. You need to keep the arms extended by your sides with the elbows tight against the waist and the palms keeping facing down. After that, you bend both of your knees and lower into the position of a lunge. When you lower, bend the elbows, raising the forearms so that the palms will face the shoulder. That way, you extend the elbows, lowering the forearms to their starting position when you use the legs to rise up from the lunge. Do the exercise 2 sets of 18. In fact, lunges are very effective, so they top the list of exercises on how to tone your thighs.  [Read: exercises to get rid of cellulite on thighs and legs]

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